The Kundalini Serpent: Symbolism & Meaning

Kundalini Serpent

Kundalini, the raw, static energy that supports all life, is often depicted as a serpent. Why a serpent? The snake has been revered (and feared) for millenia as a powerful representation of life force, or universal energy.

Kundalini Energy & The Coiled Serpent

Historic and modern day symbolism of Kundalini energy shows a coiled serpent resting at the base of the human spine. Kundalini is also illustrated as two serpents intertwined around one another as they climb the spine. Interestingly enough, the shape of the serpent coupling is nearly identical to the design of double helix DNA.

A widely-recognized, mainstream depiction of serpent coupling is associated with medicine. Originating in Greek mythology, the caduceus is two serpents coiled around Hermes’ walking stick, which is crowned with wings.

Meaning of The Three Coils

When you see illustrations of the Kundalini serpent, odds are it is coiled upon itself three and one half times. Yes, the number of coils is intentional.

The number three is representative of the states of consciousness, while the half represents the transcendent, or higher, consciousness — which must be awakened in order to commune with the Divine.

The three coils can also be interpreted as representations of the past, present, and future; and the half coil symbolizing transcendent time (timelessness).

Serpent Symbolism

Sacred to cultures and spiritual practices the world over, the symbol of the serpent spirit has long represented life, health, and renewal. But did you know, additional meanings of the serpent image throughout history include:

  • worldliness
  • sin
  • temptation
  • prophecy
  • sensuality
  • deceit

Whether it is consuming its own tail, is draped over a cross, worn as a charm, or is wrapped around a mountain, spiritual practices around the world recognize and acknowledge the snake as a symbol of Kundalini, or life force, energy.

For millenia, humans have strived to awaken the dormant, static Kundalini energy to achieve their version of Enlightenment, whether they call it nirvana, union with the divine, communion, etc.

Kundalini Serpent

The Serpent Journey and Kundalini Rising

It is believed that all spiritual pursuits ultimately lead to Kundalini awakening.

Awakening the coiled serpent power of Kundalini is a journey. Rousing this vital energy can take a few days, weeks, or months depending on the individual.

Once the root chakra, home of Kundalini, opens, the static energy housed there flows freely.

As it flows up the spine, Kundalini boosts the remaining five chakras along the way before igniting the crown, or 7th, chakra. Physical, emotional, and psychological symptoms are common during the process of Kundalini awakening, like sweating, nausea, and increased energy.

When energy flows uninterrupted, like a snake winding up the the spine, the chakra circuit is complete. Only then is there potential for transcending the physical plane to reach Enlightenment.

Kundalini Syndrome

The imbalance of awakened shakti energy is known as Kundalini Syndrome. When Kundalini power, also known as Kundalini shakti, falls out of balance, a range of sensory, cognitive, and physical symptoms can arise. The most common indicators of Kundalini Syndrome are:

  • tingling throughout the body
  • headaches
  • intense emotions
  • limb weakness
  • fatigue
  • hallucinations

If symptoms arise, rest, a healthy diet, and making a conscious effort to spend time in nature are recommended.

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    The serpent referred to in Kundalini yoga is Lucifer or in better terms, Satan! Please don’t get this serpent stuff twisted. This stuff is SATANIC and offensive to almighty God! Come into the true knowledge of JESUS CHRIST and be saved! That is life and true enlightenment!

    Rev 12:9 & 10

    9And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.

    10And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ: for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night.

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