5 Signs You Have A Blockage In The Throat Chakra And What To Do About It

Throat Chakra Blockage

Throat Chakra Blockage

A blocked throat chakra can significantly impact your ability to communicate effectively for fear of ridicule and judgement. A throat chakra blockage can also manifest as the inability to express and realize your truth in the world. When the fifth chakra is open and balanced, you are able to express yourself clearly and honestly in any situation with confidence.

Common Signs of Throat Chakra Blockage

You may find yourself unable to speak your truth when you need it the most, or holding back on expressing your needs and desires. Perhaps, you long for realizing your dreams and living with a strong and clear purpose, but seem to not be able to quite get there. These are common signs that your throat chakra  does not function at its optimal level.

Here are resources to help restoring balance in this chakra:

Throat Chakra Blockage

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Physical Symptoms of Blocked Energy in the Throat Chakra

When the throat chakra is blocked or otherwise imbalanced, energy flow is hindered and can lead to physical symptoms affecting the head, mouth, throat, and neck. It is not uncommon to experience neck pain, headaches, hoarseness, and sore throat when the flow of energy through the throat chakra is disrupted.

Some common physical symptoms of blockage include:

  • chronic sore throat
  • frequent headaches
  • dental issues
  • mouth ulcers
  • hoarseness
  • thyroid problems
  • laryngitis
  • Temporomandibular disorders of the jaw (commonly known as TMJ)
  • neck pain

Consequently, the blockage can also impact your physical health. When you experience such signs of physical discomfort, healing practices focusing on the upper body area, in particular your neck and shoulders, can bring relief and allow energy to move more freely. Of course, for serious and recurring symptoms, please consult a physician whom you trust.

Emotional Signs of Throat Chakra Blockage

When the throat chakra is imbalanced, the blockage can also manifest through non-physical symptoms that may impact you at various levels from psychological and emotional, to psychically and spiritually.

Non-physical signs of blockage can be more prevalent. Among the more commons signs are:

  • fear of speaking
  • inability to express thoughts
  • shyness
  • inconsistency in speech and actions
  • social anxiety
  • inhibited creativity
  • stubbornness
  • detachment

For instance, perpetuated blockages that are fairly significant can cause one to become arrogant, deceptive, domineering, or manipulative. On the contrary, energy that flows freely through the throat chakra promotes effective, truthful communication. You are able to “find you.” You are confident, responsible, and can easily find the right words to express your thoughts.

A blockage of the throat chakra can cause you to become stoic, quiet, and fearful. The imbalance may also create feelings of anxiety, insecurity, and shyness when it comes to self-expression and speaking to others. Public speaking can cause near paralysis when the issue is a blocked fifth chakra.

An imbalance in the throat chakra can adversely affect many aspects of your personal and professional life. You may find you avoid social situations and are more comfortable alone. You may even become distrustful of your inner voice.

What To Do About A Blocked Throat Chakra

Clearing the throat chakra involves learning to let go and trusting your inner voice. Not a small task for a lot of us! Check out the general guidelines for throat chakra healing for practical ideas on how to restore balance in this center.

A few basic steps to clear this chakras include:

  • Working through and releasing all negative emotions, including guilt, hurt, and resentment can work wonders to restore energy balance in the throat chakra. Sometimes a good cry can also help alleviate a blockage of the fifth chakra.
  • Practicing mindful speech, action, and deeds can help you maintain throat chakra balance. For example, talk openly and honestly with others on a regular basis.
  • Meditating on and incorporating the throat chakra’s color, blue, into your life can also calm emotional upheaval. For instance, introduce blue-colored flowers or decor to your home environment.

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9 Responses to Throat Chakra Blockage

  • Tania.W

    Reading this just brought a tear to my eye..almost as if my feelings are being validated and understood by somebody. Thank you. Hopefully I can heal & move forward somehow.

  • Tiffany

    This afternoon I cut my cords of attachment with a black onyx and also felt the same scary chocking sensation as described above.  It passed in a few minutes and I feel much more open and clear in the throat area.  I channeled that I had a chord of attachment that was attached via resentment around my throat chakra.  I now believe the choking sensation was probably related to the build-up of energy trying to pass through, as described above.

  • Elizabeth Wald

    In all honesty I feel my throat Chakra at its’ worst: I’m expressing TOO much lol however it is no laughing matter that we suffer greatly when we hold in feelings of angers, frustration, aggravation, envy, hate, feat, suffering, depression and even happiness: there is such a thing as fear of success, and that is where we need to look inward to really ask ourselves, what success truly means.

    To me, it is healing people. Lapis Lazuli and Labradorite are my healing crystals of choice.

    • Lakatwoman

      Thank you

  • Loretta Goodwin

    I am having very sore throat problems.Hard to sleep at night also because of it burning.

    • kyrt

      Did you find any relief?

    • Elizabeth Wald

      Loretta, so sorry to hear of this. You are holding back a lot it seems, and do you have heartburn often?

  • Madi

    I just had my first ever Reiki treatment yesterday, and during it the most profound sensation came across me: She held her hands just barely touching over my collarbone and neck for a few minutes. When she moved them I felt a choking sensation around my neck. It was a little scary but I was able to breath and was so relaxed I didn’t say anything about it until afterwards. She explained that was a build of energy trying to pass through my Throat Chakra which was blocked.

    I am a firm believe in Energy Healing and the Chakras now that I have had the opportunity to actually feel one of my own in such a way. I highly reccomend finding a good Reiki practitioner and trying it out, you never know what you’ll learn.

  • Dana

    *Mouth shut* mmmmf! mmm!

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