Know Your Throat Chakra And How To Unlock Its Power

The Throat Chakra

Throat Chakra

The Throat chakra is the fifth chakra. Located at the center of the neck at the level of the throat, it is the passage of the energy between the lower parts of the body and the head. The function of the Throat chakra is driven by the principle of expression and communication.

Throat chakra meaning

The fifth chakra is referred to as:

  • Throat chakra
  • Vishuddha
  • Kanth Padma
  • Shodash Dala

The most common Sanskrit name for the Throat chakra is “Vishudda”, which means “pure” or “purification”.

This chakra is related to the element of sound. Through the throat, sound is propagated into the air and its vibration can be felt not just in our ears, but also in our whole body. It is an important instrument of communication and expression.

Throat chakra color

The Throat chakra is most commonly represented with the color blue turquoise or aquamarine blue. The auric color of Throat chakra energy can also be seen as a smoky purple or turquoise.

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Throat chakra symbol

The symbol of the Throat chakra is composed of:

  • A circle with sixteen petals
  • A crescent with a circle inside of it
  • Sometimes, it is symbolized by a circle containing a downward-pointing triangle in which is inscribed another circle

The color of the petals is depicted as smoky purple or grayish lavender.

Throat Chakra

Location of the Fifth Chakra

The most commonly accepted location for the fifth chakra is at the level of the throat. It’s important to remember that this chakra is multidimensional and is often represented as going out of the front of the throat, and going in the back at a slight upward angle.

The Throat chakra is associated to the pharyngeal and brachial plexi and is connected to the mouth, jaws, tongue, pharynx and palate.  It’s is also linked to the shoulders and the neck. The gland associated with the fifth chakra is the thyroid, which regulates the processing of energy in the body through temperature, growth, and in large parts, metabolism.

Behavioral characteristics of the Throat chakra

The Throat chakra is associated with the following psychological and behavioral characteristics:

  • Expression, in particular ability to express your truth, to speak out
  • Communication, whether it’s verbal or non-verbal, external or internal
  • Connection with the etheric realm, the more subtle realms of spirit and intuitive abilities
  • Propensity to create, projecting ideas and blueprints into reality
  • Realizing your vocation, purpose
  • Good sense of timing

The Throat chakra is about the expression of yourself: Your truth, purpose in life, creativity. Note that this chakra has a natural connection with the second chakra or sacral chakra, center of emotions and creativity as well. The throat chakra’s emphasis is on expressing and projecting the creativity into the world according to its perfect form or authenticity.

Another function of the throat chakra is to connect you to spirit. Because of its location, it’s often seen as the “bottleneck” of the movement of energy in the body.  It sits just before the upper chakras of the head. Opening the throat chakra can greatly help align your vision with reality and release pressure that may affect the heart chakra that is located just below.

The throat chakra is associated with the etheric body, which is said to hold the blueprint or perfect template of the other dimensions of the body. It’s an important reference point to align the energy through the whole chakra system.

5th chakra imbalance

A blocked throat chakra can contribute to feelings of insecurity, timidity, and introversion. On the other end of the spectrum, an overactive throat chakra may also lead to gossiping, nonstop talking, and being verbally aggressive or mean. It can seem as though the filter between the discourse you have in your mind and what comes out of your mouth is not working, or missing entirely.

When the throat chakra has an imbalance, it can manifest as:

  • Lack of control over one’s speech; speaking too much or inappropriately;
  • Not being able to listen to others
  • Excessive fear of speaking
  • Small, imperceptible voice
  • Not being able to keep secrets, to keep your word
  • Telling lies
  • On the opposite side, a closed throat chakra might manifest as excessive secretiveness or shyness
  • Lack of connection with a vocation or purpose in life

Throat chakra: To go further

Opening the Throat chakra

Healing the Throat chakra

Fifth chakra stones

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10 Responses to The Throat Chakra

  • Tamz

    I agree. Introversion isn’t a bad thing. and shouldn’t be seen as wrong

  • ragav gupta

    The Throat Chakra, Well defined article, i am fan of { Yoga Teacher Training Goa } they also have Vast information on Yoga, but

    Your Article is PERFECTLY Above Defined, Well written, good to read

  • Priestess

    Introversion is a failure to understand how energy works. Study the word then understand its meaning and find its counterpart in nature. Then you will understand the nature and rhythm of introversion. Although it is a world within itself…its exclusive and propels in a downward motion that ultimately must come back up. Moving outward will propel you upward as you are constantly moving up in dimensional vibration toward your higher self. Self acceptance where you are is always key even if you are introverted. Show yourself compassion and patience not the condition. By recognizing your condition needs improvement will open you up to inclusion where your heart chakra is channeling energy upward and out. Love you.

    • Lisa

      There’s nothing wrong with introversion just don’t be introverted all the time.  What kind of world would we have without introverts? Writers, poets, etc.  This article makes it sound like it’s not ok to be an introvert.  It is ok.

  • Eman

    hi can you please advise me , because i have a problem. When i think or enlightened, people beside me start aching their throat or having a sore throat is that connected with the throat Chakra???

    This start for almost 2 years ago until now.. I hope you have answers.
    Godbless and thank you.

    • Almond

      Eman, I hate to be the one to inform you. It would seem as tho your energeez are conflicting. You feed off of the energy of others. You’re attempted enlightenment is corrupting the throat Charka of other. Making them feel constricted. You may find that a path, following Santa, is your best option. Best of lucc to my frend mran

  • HB Pattskyn

    Why is introvertedness always treated like a bad thing?

    Being an introvert is about the way a person relates to the world and recharges their batteries. Introverts need quiet time, alone. We need to read a book or spend time meditating. Extroverts prefer to talk, to be out with people, to go be social. Neither model is bad–unless you’re an introvert trying to be an extrovert (or an extrovert trying to be an introvert).

    Both extroverts and introverts need to be honored–and honestly, I’m surprised that the writers of a spirituality website don’t realize that.

    • dianne

      Just a quick note to say that I agree.  Just because the world now shines the spotlight on certain characteristics or qualities – extrovert, thin, young… – doesn’t mean that in fact these are better than their opposites.

    • D.

      celebrate your introversion see the fifth chakra as a bridge

  • Bucky

    This is an interesting article. I need to work on my throat chakra which I think is blocked after reading this article. It’d be awesome to express myself with clarity where words come easily. Life would so easy.

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