5 Simple Steps To Heal Your Heart Chakra

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Healing The Heart Chakra

Heart Chakra Healing

Heart chakra healing might be needed when the heart center is closed and its energies are blocked or unbalanced. The heart chakra is like a conduit for a form of energy that is commonly associated with love. When the energy of the heart chakra does not flow, one may experience it at different levels, from physical and emotional to existential. By healing the heart chakra, one may experience a boost in energy, positivity, love, compassion, and increased sense of connectedness to life.

What does healing the heart chakra mean?

Healing the heart chakra may mean several things and refers to many different techniques. We will cover the main ones and remain as practical as possible. Heart chakra healing is sometimes also referred to as balancing, opening, or clearing. The main idea behind healing the heart chakra is to restore flow of energy and overall balance.

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Why do we need heart chakra healing?

The heart chakra is particularly vulnerable to disturbances associated with relationships and love. We all have a history of relationships from the moment we’re born to now. During our history, there were many events and opportunities for positive or negative experiences regarding love and relating to others.
As we encounter life difficulties, we have two main ways to cope: We may shut down or decrease the energy that we dedicate to the situation, or we may boost or increase our energy to fight it. These defense mechanisms get anchored in our chakras.

In the case of the heart chakra, we might have felt hurt during childhood or a recent breakup and closed our chakra to numb our pain and avoid suffering. Or on the opposite side, we may have opened and extended our heart energy to a demanding partner or parent in need, sometimes to the point of over-extending and being drained.

Over time, these defense mechanisms can cause imbalance in the heart chakra and other chakras, leading to an overactive, deficient or blocked chakra. One may tend to have excess or deficiency in the heart chakra, or both depending on the situation and coping mechanism.

When do you need to heal the heart chakra: Signals and Symptoms

When the heart chakra needs healing may be signaled by a variety of symptoms ranging from the physical to existential and spiritual.

Physical heart chakra Signals

The 4th chakra is associated with the element of air and is located in the chest area. As a result, a lot of the physical symptoms of heart chakra imbalance are connected to the lungs, ribs, and heart. Look for the following: Hypertension, problems breathing, infection at the level of the lung, bronchitis, heart condition.

Heart Chakra Healing

Psychological and Emotional Heart Chakra Signals

When the heart chakra is deficient or closed, it may translate into the following psychological and emotional characteristics:

  • Being withdrawn
  • Avoiding socializing, social interactions
  • Being overly critical of others and oneself
  • Lacking empathy
  • Feeling isolated

If the heart chakra is overly open, it may translate into:

  • Being overly demanding of others, especially close family or partner
  • Extending yourself to fulfill other people’s perceived needs to the cost of one’s own balance
  • Tendency to feeling like a victim
  • Losing sense of personal boundaries in a way that is detrimental to your well-being

Balancing and Healing the Heart Chakra

When the heart chakra becomes unbalanced, this may lead to emotional, physical or even existential distress. The energy running though this chakra is not flowing freely and you may feel drained, depleted, stuck in thoughts or behavioral patterns.

To overcome a blockage, excess or deficiency in the heart chakra, the energy needs to:

  • Be able to move freely (one may need to loosen up constrictions or interferences, such as continuous stress, physical muscle tension, improper diet, negative influence of others, limiting beliefs or attitude)
  • Move in a patters that is suitable to this chakra
  • Be balanced with other energies (we need to take into consideration the whole chakra and energy system; for instance, stress or imbalance in neighboring chakras might influence the state of the heart chakra)


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  • Jeevan

    Its amazing, i feel share my hidden pains with you. Thanks to you.

  • Jeffrey

    satan is my brother from God’s home, God’s home is within humanity = source = unconditional love energy = Creator=perceiver

    the negative satan is from humanity’s created thought forms

    i lead earth, guide&lead humanity’s heart energy

    • Judith

      Going to put this artclie to good use now.

    • ben

      fuck you and satan bitch

      • christine

        Why must you attack what you don’t understand?  maybe one day your fear of the unexplored will subside and you will open up the love that the universe offers and not use an evil word to describe what first and foremost is obviously on your mind…that was satan right?

  • Spiritmagpie

    Why does someone always spoil meaningful conversation with crap
    Satan is a nothing its not a he or a she its not a being nor is it an aspect of anything within spirituality other than evil
    The person whom needs to grow up is the one whom caused a nice imformative conversation to turn into evil pointer rubbish about a none important item such as satan
    Ever heard of live and let live my silly friend ??
    Well my blessings go out to you and i hope that evil leaves you in time to be somebody
    Other than the disillusioned being you have been reared to be.

  • deusa

    socialization maybe is what i really need

  • Chala

    @Silas Jayne
    Yeah Satan probably does love us all. Top bloke he is. I love how people get so annoyed at these kinds comments, makes me laugh so much. Just chill haha it’s not the end of the world – its a comment.

  • Rob Scott

    I’m a Christian who practises kundalini yoga and buddhist meditation, works with the chakra system and reiki, and I find that the two complement each other nicely. Christianity is about spirituality, and opening oneself up to God. Meditation helps to focus the mind on the body and on spirit, kundalini yoga helps to open the spiritual channels of energy in the body, and reiki helps to clear any energetic blockages, thus making it easier to connect to God and make prayer more meaningful, helping to act on Gods will as you’re better connect to spirit, and most of all, being a more loving human being. What / who is Satan? He is the mind, the force of darkness, that which prevents us being the light. He is not to be feared, fear only feeds the darkness, but to be overcome with love.

    • Lezlie

      That’s so beautiful
      I have been trying to explain this myself but you said it in such clear words thank you for sharing that

      • Donna

        Ditto kiddo ????
        Said Beautifully!

    • Anonymous

      Satan is a real spirit creature once a prized angel of jehovah god. Revelation 12 and verse 9 tells you exactly what he’s doing now and where he is. Food for serious thought

    • Shannon

      Beautifully written. I love your words about Satan being darkness and of the mind. Thank you!  Blessings to you!

    • Sebastian

      Beautiful totally agree ????????

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  • D Thomas

    Being of practical mind I didn’t appreciate being told what was wrong, but not how to remedy it.

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  • Jacob

    Great information. I have been interested in the chakras for quite sometime, but have never attempted to open them due to my lack of understanding on what they actually are. Although there is nothing inherently wrong with focusing/meditating on the energy centers within the body and seeking alignment and harmony, I am skeptical — even fearful — of adopting Buddhist/Hindu spiritual techniques (I’m a Christian). However, if there was a way to remove the Buddhist/Hindu context in which the chakras systems exist, then I think I would be all for it. Now, I am not saying anything bad about Buddhism/Hinduism, their adherents, or their belief systems; what I am saying is this: the chakra system should be presented in a western “christian” context for people like myself who find various elements of eastern spirituality questionable.

    As for the immature, unaware “children” on here associating evil (Satan) with love, the fact of the matter is that evil is void of and incapable of love.

    • Anonymous

      Jacob, chakras are spiritual,not religious, similar to yoga. They are not contrary to any religious practice.

      Good luck.

    • josh

      The chakra system is utilized by many different spiritual groups, chinese, india, and I’m sure many others utilize the chakra system. It doesn’t need to be associated with a religion. Although I personally believe each human has an energetic body consisting of chakras and all sorts of other energy channels. You don’t need to believe in chakras being an actual physical thing like I do, you could look at it in a purely metaphorical way. Each chakra has certain characteristics for example the heart chakra would consist of being able to give and receive love, love for yourself and others, joy, compassion, etc come from a balanced healthy heart chakra. So if your lacking in this department its a good idea to look into the ways that you can balance this chakra. Same for all the other chakras. Hope this helps.

  • mila-wicasa

    the only thing i like about satan is he is going to HELL,HELL after christ jesus puts him in hell

  • Margarita Maya

    It hit the spot my heart chakra, I lost my daughter 3 months ago. Also my other daughter were no speaking. Thank god we just started speaking!

  • Silas Jayne

    Satan loves you all. <3

    • God

      go in peace

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    Satan loves you all. <3

    • Anonymous

      Fuck you

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    • Nakita

      really ? does satan heal?
      tell me … as far as I know … chakras are for healing
      does satan heal?

      really …. why do you always associate satan with healing,chakras and crystals …

      why do you always say SATAN is associated whenever there are things that you just can’t explain and understand ….

      grow up …

    • Asags Deciple

      <333 praise Satan and the Deep ones, whom have wrought an unsightly and jubious below for our people to reside in.

      • Becca

        Praise the Lord Jesus, for He defeated Satan on Calvary and placed him under our feet. May Jehovah jiri provide your heart with healing, eyes with sight and give you ears to hear before it’s too late. We are spirit and for those who are saved Christ’s spirit dwells within us. However, our minds open gateways that allow Satan and his demons to access our lives. This blocks the flow of the spirit. I’m on the fence about chakra and it’s mainly because of people like you

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