How To Use Chakra Stones? 5 Tips To Make The Most Of Healing Crystals

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How To Use Chakra Stones

The use of chakra stones for chakra balancing can help you acquire energy balance that is essential to your overall emotional and physical well-being.

Chakra stones’ healing properties and meanings are unique to each stone. It’s important to remember that all stones and crystals possess their own vibrational frequency. To dispel chakra blockages and promote balance, you must use stones with a vibrational frequency that matches the chakra you are wanting to heal.

The most common technique for using chakra stones is known as the “Laying on of Stones,” It involves placing cleansed and charged healing stones on the body’s specific energy centers for a period of time.

How to Use Healing Stones

A healing crystal, multiple stones or gemstones may be placed upon each chakra. It is essential to lay stones of corresponding chakra color in the area that needs attention. Also, try to use healing stones with the same meaning as your intent, such as amethyst to dispel negativity or quartz to promote balance.

Where to Place Chakra Stones on the Body

Position stones beginning with the root chakra and move upward to help direct energy flow. If energy needs to be ushered upward toward the crown, all stones (especially those that come to a single point) are placed so they’re pointing “up.”

Place stones on each of the energy centers, such as:

  • Top of head — crown chakra
  • Forehead — Third Eye chakra
  • Throat — throat chakra
  • Heart — heart chakra
  • Navel — solar plexus chakra
  • Pelvic area — sacral chakra
  • Groin or feet area — root chakra

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Additional Options for Stone Placement

You may also promote chakra balance by placing cleansed and charged healing stones near you — such as on your pillow as you rest.

Similarly, placing healing and chakra stones around your home can serve a dual purpose. Not only can these decorations be aesthetically pleasing, they can help dispel residual negativity and promote positive energy in the environment.

Another popular way to use chakra stones is to wear them as jewelry.

You’ve probably seen amethyst or quartz talismans and pendants. Wearing heart chakra stones as jewelry, such as a necklace so they lay close to your heart, can help facilitate heart chakra balance.

Cleansing Healing Stones

Healing stones must be cleansed prior to use. Cleansing dispels all the bad energy that is absorbed by the stone so it is refreshed. If you’re unsure how to cleanse stones, there are numerous recommendations and guides online.

Where to Buy Healing Stones

If you are lucky enough to have a local shop that sells healing stones and chakra stones, by all means take advantage of it. Other places to find healing stones include:

  • stone dealer (who specializes in precious and semi-precious stones)
  • antique shops
  • nature shops that specialize in fossils, stones and crystals

However, if you can’t buy locally, shopping online is the next best thing. There are numerous sites out there that specialize in chakra stones, so shop around!


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