Kundalini | What You Need To Know When The Energy Is Rising

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The term kundalini is used to refer to the vital force or energy that we all hold within us. Often called the “sleeping goddess” or “serpent power”, it is represented as a serpent coiled around the first chakra or root chakra at the base of the spine.

How does Kundalini energy connect with your chakras?

Imagine the chakra system as existing on a single electrical circuit that runs lengthwise up the spine with lights at the location of each of the chakras. As Kundalini rises and travels up the spinal column, it passes through each of the chakras on its way giving each a boost, so to speak, and making it light up. Learn more about kundalini and the chakras

What happens when Kundalini awakens?

Considered a form of spiritual energy, raising Kundalini requires one be firmly disciplined in both mind and body in order to be properly prepared to embrace the responsibility that comes with Kundalini awakening. The phrase “Kundalini awakening” essentially refers to the discovery and “awakening” of inner knowledge. More about Kundalini awakening

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What are the symptoms of a kundalini awakening?

Awakening Kundalini shakti can thrust you into a whirlwind of attempting to make sense of what you’re experiencing. Some people are unable to cope. Find out more about the symptoms of a rise in this raw energy, also called “kundalini syndrome“.

Using Yoga to activate kundalini

When one or more of the chakras become blocked, physical and mental ailments can arise. Enters Kundalini yoga, a yoga practice that is specifically designed to activate and balance your energy.

Why is Kundalini called the “serpent power”?

Traditionally, the image of the kundalini serpent is used to represent this source of raw energy. The “serpent power” is cultivated through different types of yoga and meditations that wrap an aura of secret and esoterism around this natural phenomenon.

The Kundalini experience: From ancient wisdom to today’s lifestyle

Put simply, the energy of kundalini is known for its transformative power in the process of self development and spiritual development. In the Hindu tradition where these concepts as we currently know them come from, kundalini awakening is both a process and an objective for spiritual development. It leads to the union of personal consciousness and cosmic and divine consciousness.

The notion of Kundalini is thus often described differently from one text or tradition to another and appears opaque for the beginners and advanced practioners alike. Let’s add the content lost in translation from ancient texts, as well as cultural differences and we end up with an idea wrapped in mystery and personal stories as fascinating as sometimes frightening.

Nevertheless, it’s important to bear in mind that this vital force is a natural phenomenon participating in our development in various degrees depending on our predispositions at birth, preparatory work and practices, as well as our life circumstances.

Kundalini energy and the nervous system

When kundalini energy is activating, it propagates along the spine through a central channel called “sushumna nadi”. Sushumna is described as a channel located along the spine though which the energy climbs from chakra to chakra, all the way up to the crown or top of the head. There are a lot of parallels between our physiology and the way kundalini energy works.

We can compare the sushumna channel with the central nervous system. The function of this channel is to connect the flow of energy from the first to the last chakra. Similarly, the function of the central nervous system, located in big part along the spine, is to transmit the signal between the brain and the rest of the body.


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19 Responses to Kundalini

  • Dhammika

    There is no SATAN or devil here. In the simplest explanation is “HOW YOUR BODY WORKS”.
    We always living with the emotions which is the final product of the neuro-endocrine system.
    All sensations are coming through the sensory receptors within the body. When you concentrate on to the primary sensation (just like concentrate to chakra (or nerve fluxes inside the body) you will experience like kundalani.

  • Terry

    These sites are always appointed trolls by the dark ones to cause disruption and lower the vibration. Lets face it, would a true seeker speak the way we have seen people speaking here? Try not to take such attacks personally. Best just to ignor them.

  • Helen

    God is energy. You do not need religion to be spiritual. It is freeing! Learn tantra!!!

  • Jay Glidden

    Okay so this is what I experienced during my Kundalini awaking yesterday. I have been spiritual for about 2.5 years. I wasn’t very into the exercising and yoga, until one day I wanted to learn lucid dreaming, and I practiced it for months. I finally came to a time when I woke up and then I remember floating, I thought that was a lucid dream, but I researched it and found it was an out of body experience. I began to be more spiritual from that day forward, I kept practicing to raise my consciousness, and learned meditation. After a way I come to an interesting thought, I should learn yoga and treat my body better, and treat others with compassion no made the cost. I learned Kundalini yoga, and this is recently this is my first week doing it, I also received a full body massage. I sat in a car with ac on, and became comfortable and placed myself in a meditation, I focused on my third eye and focused on the void that is my mind, suddenly I start to see vortexes of light blue energy, and then green energy, after awhile of this deep bliss came upon me, and my soul orgasmed. I instantly felt love to Gaia, and Sky, as if they were the ones giving me the pleasure sensations.

  • Randy

    Believe what you like and while im new to this ill believe what i think is right and just and at this point i actualy think its a big step to THE higher power or religion god what ever it is you would like to call it but at the moment its just self benefit for me.

  • PDF

    The serpent referred to in Kundalini yoga is Lucifer or in better terms, Satan! Please don’t get this serpent stuff twisted. This stuff is SATANIC and offensive to almighty God! Come into the true knowledge of JESUS CHRIST and be saved! That is life and true enlightenment!

    Rev 12:9 & 10:9And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him. 10And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ: for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night.

    • Anonymous

      go to hell you freakin-everything-phobe! just die, please. whats the point of living when everything’s stanic, or sin, or what-theF-ever. just die

      • Jayden

        I’m not easily imsrepsed. . . but that’s impressing me! 🙂

    • Susannah

      Could you write about Phsiycs so I can pass Science class?

    • Mark

      You just want to sound clever by copying some nonsense from that comic book..itis weak…ineffectual and downright offensive. You are a fly on that stinking turd..

    • Marion Hubbard

      Jesus was a Buddhist monk as well as the Jewish social activist who was crucified by the Romans. In fact he survived the crucifixion, escaped to India, continued teaching until he died in Kashmir. Check it out. The rest is politics of so-called ‘religion’. Really interesting. I hope you will ask yourself some questions. With all due respect.

    • Anonymous

      Amen! The Devil comes as a source of light!

    • Ray

      Who ever put this PDF about Christ, you need to study and research more. You think you will be saved? You don’t even know our Creator’s and Messiah’s real name, you are calling them by a a title and a pagan name. Also ready Matthew6:22 “The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light”. Look at what the Messiah, He didn’t say eyes. He said eye, one eye, not two. What’s the one we all have? It’s the third eye. The one located between your eyes in the middle of your eyebrow, showing the location of the Pineal gland. And if you think that’s not enough, look at what Jacob said. Gen 32:30 “And Jacob called the name of the place Peniel: for I have seen God face to face, and my life is preserved”.

    • Nishan Kariyappa

      Just be open minded man. This great piece of info was handed down by the Sanathana Dharma from India,
      with all respect to the christ check out Sage Ikshuvaku

    • David Ross

      It is not satanic..what do you think the Halo is?.. it is the Crown SHAKRA!!! Now then..

    • antiyoga

      Beware do your own research on both sides of the argument before you get yourself involved especially into the kundalini, breath of fire. Look it up you are being deceived by Satan and demonic activity. This is the easiest way to worship satan. I gave up yoga, stop worshipping false gods. Do pilates.

    • We’re one

      You’re absolutely right, that serpent is the Satan, and it needs to come out of your system so that you can identify yourself with the Christ consciousness and be united with the father God by being pure. So as you can see how Kundalini awakening can help you reach paradise by getting rid of your dualiistic nature of this third density that accumulated for over many lifetimes and help you realize that you’re one with the creator and all that there’s.  Amen!

  • Jean

    So many to teach,so little time:) God bless.. Jean

  • Jean


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