The 7 Chakras Balancing Meditation


Need help balancing all of your chakras?

The 7 Chakra Balancing Meditation is a relaxing meditation that will help you to activate and balance all 7 chakras.

Your guide Céline Remy will lead you through a relaxing meditation combining Visualizations, Hand Movements and Affirmations. Allow Céline’s relaxing voice along with beautiful music to guide you through this powerful rebalancing practice.

Start your day in balance and/or re-balance after a busy day. This meditation can be performed everyday or whenever you need a tune-up.


There are now multiple versions to choose from: Full HD, Mobile & Audio Only!

In addition there is a downloadable PDF file to help you remember the chakras, stones and affirmations.

Download File Format: .zip
Video File Format:
Document File Format: PDF
Length: 00.17.33 (17 minutes & 33 seconds)

Due to the quality and size of the HD video, we recommend that you download the .zip file to your computer first, extract the .zip and then sync to your mobile device if you want to listen to/watch it on the go.

Here are sample iPhone instructions:

1) Download the zip file to your computer.
2) Double click the file to Unzip.
3) Add the file to iTunes. Open iTunes and drag and drop the file into “Movies -> Home Videos”
4) Once in iTunes, sync phone (you may have to enable the syncing of movies in iTunes if not already enabled).
5) On iPhone open the “TV” app, go to “Library -> Home Videos”. Your meditation will show up there.

If you have any difficulty downloading, please contact us at

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Full HD, Mobile, Audio Only


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