Sacral Chakra Healing: 5 Simple Steps To Balancing The Second Chakra

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Sacral Chakra Healing in 5 Simple Steps

Sacral Chakra Healing Chart
Here’s an in-depth look at disturbances that can affect the second chakra, commonly known as the sacral chakra and to how perform chakra healing to restore optimum balance and aliveness in your everyday life.

A look at what’s inside

  • Understanding the sacral chakra
  • Why healing your second chakra?
  • Sacral chakra healing cheat sheet
  • Common symptoms addressed by sacral chakra healing
  • How to heal the second chakra
  • Key steps for in-depth healing of the sacral chakra
  • Useful questions to guide second chakra healing
  • Supporting references and quotes from chakra experts

Understanding The Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra, or Swadhisthana in Sanskrit, is located in the lower abdomen just below the coccyx or tailbone. The chakra color of the second chakra is orange, and its element is water. It is associated primarily with emotional responses and regulation and is often referred to as the seat of emotions. It is also associated with the sense of taste and with reproductive function.

Close neighbor to the Muladhara chakra or root chakra, it is one step removed from preoccupations about survival, safety, and instinctual sensory perception of the world. It allows us to creatively deal with what emerges from our experience and develop a response informed by our emotional patterns and intelligence.

Because of its close physical connection with the pelvis area and the reproductive organs, this chakra is also the center of the search for pleasure, whether sensual or through your daily life experiences. Abundant creativity and strongly felt intuition are two additional facets of an open sacral chakra.

I enjoy life fully” could be the sacral chakra’s motto. An open, balanced sacral chakra allows you to experience intimacy and love freely and fully, to be honest and non-judgmental about your desires, and to live as your authentic self without fear.

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Why Heal Your Second Chakra?

A blockage in the second chakra can cause both physical and emotional distress if not healed. Chakras are points in the body that moderate energy, allowing it to flow freely and maintain health and vitality. Unfortunately, the chakras can develop blockages that limit that energy flow. Chakra healing aims at restoring balance and freeing any blockage or kink in your energy body that prevents it from functioning optimally.

Chakras can become either over- or underactive, each leading to slightly different symptoms.

An overactive sacral chakra can cause:

  • Emotional overreactions
  • Excessive emotional attachment to people or objects; excessive neediness in relationships
  • Codependency
  • Muscle tension and abdominal cramps

An energy deficiency in the second chakra can cause:

  • Fear of happiness or pleasure, self-sabotage
  • Lack of creativity and authenticity
  • Low libido
  • Pessimism, depression
  • Irregular menstrual cycle, urinary or bladder infections

Woman Healing Her Second Chakra

Common Symptoms Addressed By Sacral Chakra Healing

1. Getting lost in fantasies
A common symptom of second chakra imbalance is the tendency to get consumed in fantasies about life’s pleasures instead of enjoying them. For instance, you may lose yourself in sexual fantasies rather than connecting with an actual or potential partner or be obsessed with connecting sensually or sexually with every attractive person who crosses your path.

2. Excessive Indulging and Addictive Behavior

Getting into the habit of satisfying your desires by indulging could also indicate chakra imbalance, especially with regards to addictive behaviors, whether it’s with food, substances, television or games for instance. Knowing how to feel fulfilled and satisfied is part of sacral chakra healing.

3. Lack of fulfillment and insatiable desires

Deeply and honestly appreciating what you have and who you are is part of sacral chakra healing. Delighting yourself in the simple pleasures of life without getting overly attached to them is key in promoting a balanced second chakra.

Pay attention to feel the satisfaction not only in your mind in an intellectual way, but also deeply as a sensation in your body, so the desire and its fulfillment are anchored in a fully rounded experience. This contributes to satiation and healing balance.

4. Codependent Behavior

Healing the sacral chakra often means bringing relationships to balance and harmony. Relationships can carry strong emotional charges and tie into the second chakra easily. Unfortunately, family dynamics are often source of disturbances, especially with regards to the sacral chakra.

To balance and heal this chakra, it’s important to develop discrimination, especially with regards to energy drains from people and bad habits.

5. Negative and Destructive Emotions

Envy, jealousy, anger, rage are characteristics of an imbalanced second chakra. Of course, they are detrimental to our feeling of well-being and disempowering.

If you notice you have tendency to overreact when someone challenges you or has differing opinions by going to rage easily or intense frustration, pay attention to techniques to manage emotions with more awareness and balance.

6. Physical Health and the Sacral Chakra

From a physical health perspective, healing your second chakra can also help heal or prevent more serious problems such as infertility, ectopic pregnancies or multiple miscarriages, prostate and testicular diseases, endometriosis and ovarian cysts.

Tools And Techniques To Heal Your Second Chakra

A blockage of energy in the sacral chakra can be healed with regular practice designed to stimulate the chakra, which allows energy to flow into it and excess energy to dissipate. Chakra balancing can be helped along by a healer, but there are many things you can do on your own as well.


Meditation is very useful for chakra cleansing and balancing. For example, a simple sacral chakra healing meditation consists in envisioning an orange lotus or orange crescent moon in the area of the second chakra in the pelvis area. Hold that image in your mind for a few minutes while breathing deeply.

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Sacral Chakra Healing foods

Dietary changes can also help cleanse your second chakra. Oranges, melons, coconuts and other sweet fruits are good sacral chakra healing food. Cinnamon is also useful, as is drinking plenty of water.

Tools To Heal The Second Chakra

Essential Oil For Chakra Healing

Sandalwood, patchouli, orange, rose and ylang-ylang essential oils can be used as aromatherapy for second chakra healing. These can be used alone, in meditation, and in conjunction with chakra crystals.

Using Chakra Healing Stones

Sacral chakra healing stones include citrine, carnelian, orange calcite, and other orange stones. Moonstone can also be used because of this chakra’s association with water and the moon.

Yoga poses to open the second chakra

Yoga for sacral chakra healing should focus on hip opening poses like Upavistha Konasana, or Open Angle Pose. Baddha Konasana, or Bound Angle Pose, is another simple but useful pose. Yoga practice for second chakra healing should be slow and relaxed rather than fast or overly challenging.

Water, a Second Chakra Element

Since the sacral chakra’s element is water, getting outside and relaxing near open water can help open your second chakra. Lakes, rivers, streams or the ocean are all useful. If possible, wade in or dangle your feet in the water to help the energy flow. Taking a bath or a shower can also contribute to balancing your chakra while providing the relaxation needed to keep your emotions flowing.

Second Chakra Healing Water

5 Key Steps For In-Depth Healing Of The Sacral Chakra

1. Sacral Chakra Healing And Overcoming The Challenge of Grasping

One of the main challenge for healing the sacral chakra is about maintaining balance. One can be easily taken by second chakra passions and sensations. But can you fully recognize and appreciate the experience in the moment?

It’s sometimes difficult to fully welcome the pleasure of life’s experiences and sensations and maintain balance. The attraction to the source or cause of experience has a strong pull and one may have tendency to grasp the source of pleasure. This form of attachment might get in the way of a “healthy” flow and turn into insatiable, obsessive or hoarding behavior. To heal that type of imbalance, it becomes important to stay conscious or aware as one engages in the experience.

2. Sacral Chakra Healing and Severing Draining Emotional Ties

Often, people play on emotions to manipulate each other. Second chakra drains can come from imbalanced family dynamics or power plays at work or example. In relationships, a lot is communicated through emotions – happiness, sadness, joy, disappointment, etc.

When emotions are not fully expressed or expressed indirectly, such as in passive aggressive behaviors, the field might become obscured and the second chakra comes out of balance.

3. Healing Shame in the Second Chakra

Some of us might also feel shame and guilt around pleasure due to strict education, contradictory values, or a traumatic experience. Repressed sexuality can lead to serious imbalances in the second chakra, whether it “shuts down” or becomes overactive.

The energy of your second chakra can be shut down or blocked as a result of sexual repression, whether this movement of contraction has been influenced by the actions of someone in your life or is self-imposed. Chakra healing is important to restore a healthy image of sexuality and pleasure.

Working on trust around sex and sensuality with your partner or sharing your concerns with a trusted friend or professional could be helpful. Going step by step, starting with small experiences of pleasure might pave the way to healing big wounds.

Heal Your Second Chakra

4. Restoring a Balanced Enjoyment of Life’s Pleasures

Healing the shame or guilt in the second chakra helps refine your appreciation of the simple of life, as well as less ordinary experiences. Instead of numbing yourself by either blocking or saturating your experience with overwhelming sensations and emotions, you may enjoy the pleasure provided in the moment in full awareness.

5. Laws of Attraction and The Sacral Chakra

The 2nd chakra magnetizes by the force of emotions, but also its energy that is half way between the survival preoccupations of the first or root chakra and the expression of will of the third or solar plexus chakra. Ideas and visions, when dressed up in human emotions and can come to life more easily. As such, the second chakra magnetizes experiences based on its state and the direction provided by the other chakras. Attraction and repulsions are strongly linked to the sacral chakra.

Healing the second chakra therefore consists in being more mindful of one’s thoughts and intentions, as well as being more aware of the types of emotions arising at specific moments.

Questions To Guide Your Chakra Healing

Self-inquiry is a useful tool to heal the sacral chakra. By understanding our emotions and reactions, we can better defuse the unconscious programming ruling our actions. This allows to choose how we react and see our emotions as useful indicators rather than being ruled by them.

Ask yourself the following questions to assess your second chakra:

  • What is attractive to you? What repels you? How does it guide the way you live your life?
  • How attractive do you feel?
  • Are you confident about your self-image? Or do you doubt yourself often?
  • Do you feel ruled by your emotions? Or are you emotionally aware and conscious?
  • Are you often indulging in life’s little pleasures to the point of losing balance (turning the quest for pleasure into an insatiable obsession)? Or do you enjoy each experiences through a healthy moderation and self-discipline ?
  • Can you balance passion and personal discipline?
  • Do you feel expressed in your passion for life?
  • Are you feeling alive most of the time? Or does life feel dull?

References & Quotes

“The skill of learning how to enter into the sensation of enjoyment is required.
To experience pleasure is one thing, but to recognize the experience as enjoyable and then enter into the felt sense of appreciation of the moment-now that is an art.” Source: David Pond. Chakras for Beginners: A Guide to Balancing Your Chakra Energies.

“Through work on the Svādhishthāna Chakra we are able to bring our basic instincts under control, transform them and ultimately transcend them.” Source: Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda. The Hidden Power in Humans – Chakras and Kundalini. International Sri Deep Madhavananda Ashram Fellowship.


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52 Responses to Sacral Chakra Healing

  • Anonymous

    Hey guys

    Was having sexual problems until I meditated and cleared my mind and enjoy the feeling instead. I also imagined myself having amazing sex with my partner and what an amazing feeling it would be instead of being tied down in “reality”. Trust the source and let go and know that in due time this too shall pass and pleasure will arise

  • chamundi

    sacral chakra is not located ‘just below the tailbone’…clearly one must separate the chaff from the wheat at this site!if u are new to this topic, you are not in a position to do this, so you would be well advised to look elsewhere. (!)

  • Suzy

    What is required is a two lane bridge (keep the tunnel and upgrade/ repair) to ” lighten the load”.Of course, better bus service in the “nether regions” is also a good idea to encourage public trnanportstioa.

  • Jamiella

    Hi, I have been learning about the chakras and I’m concerned because 10 months ago my husband passed away and so I’m not sexually active and I don’t know if this is going to or affecting already the sacral chakra.  Is sexual life a must to keep a healthy sacral chakra?
    Thank you

    • Renee Weigel

      Firstly im sorry to hear about your husband 🙁 i wamted to comment because i wamt to make sure this gets answered corrextly and not half -assed. Your sacral chakra is also commected to the heart. If you feel sad and heartbroken it too can cause a block in the sacral chakra due to you not being able to express yourself sexually youre sad this is a normal emotion and it would be hard for anyome to be okay after this
      .. work on you first
      Do what brings you joy travel where youve alwaya wamted to go and simply let yourself live. When you feel that spark again it will help the sacral chakra open up

  • Eloise

    I am a 57 year old woman, I live alone during the last 15 years at least.
    I believe I am telepathically and spiritually sensitive.
    During the last 6 months I suffered a spiritual attack (voices in the head, sex abuse -sexual arousing in the genital aerea-, isolation from the outside world through practical ways, my car crashed, my money sources stopped working -my ex stopped his allocation that used to give me for the past 15 years etc etc) and I was told I must surrender to the attackers or die.
    I’m struggling against all this but they also said they opened my sacral chakra to the world and everybody fucked me during those 6 months.
    My question is how to stop this worldwide rape.  I am sexually alone -without a partner- during those years and not foresee this to change henceforward.
    What and how should I do? 
    Should the secral chakra close?

    • Unicorn Queen

      Hi Eloise,
      That sounds like a scary thing to be going through, it’s a month since you posted, how are you feeling now?
      Do you use protection techniques, such as surrounding yourself in white light? Praying for help from whomever/whatever is your source of guidance or protection?
      I believe that as you are so sensitive, some pretty nasty spirits/energies have found their way into your energy field, and to be honest they have no right to be there.
      I suggest you work on your boundaries, not just in the spiritual plane, but on the physical plane too.

      Basically, they would make you believe that you have no way out, because that’s how they keep their power over you. But you are stronger than them.

      Sending love and light

    • Nadia

      please see a shaman immeadiately. i hope you are okay now.

  • Penny

    I wonder if you can help explain something for me? I orgasm every time I have a massage. It is not a sexual orgasm, no deep heavy breaths or loud noises but it’s definitely a release of energy from my abdomen. It can happen when they move to the base of my spine, doing my feet even sometimes when my face is being massaged or my head. Can you possibly shed any light on to why this happens? My friend says it’s something to do with a blocked chakra and so I’m trying to find information on it as I’ve never heard of anything like this before.

    Any advice or info is appreciated.

    • Shesings

      It is related to your vagal nerve, and your nervous systems.  They are dispersed differently than mens’ are, and women experience orgasm over the entire body, provoked by massage, sometimes even just a look or scent.  Energy releases are natural and normal.  They are a way your body (and your chakras) maintain health.  The fact your chakras are letting energy flow or releasing it, is good.  Blocked chakras are when you are unhappy, confused, feeling frustrated, angry, depressed, ill, having medical problems, etc.  Ascension into not having physical orgasm comes when you are no longer connected to your earthly being–when you are dead.  All of us need pleasure, and pleasure is a sign of being alive.  Peace be with you.

  • LaFi

    I recently took a bath and I put rose petals in the water. While in the bath I began to feel pent up sexual energy that I did not want to express. I have a very low libido and it never feels good to me to touch myself. As a woman, this makes intimacy with my partner hard. I usually feel guilty for not enjoying it as much as I want to. In my bath this sexual energy bothered me and I began to feel sick/pain in my stomach and it felt as though both my sacral chakra and solar plexus chakra were out of balance. The heat of the water seemed to be what was bringing me to this state, because I was thirsting for cold water and as soon as I turned the faucet on and ran cold water over myself, this feeling began to subside. I knew it was best for me to meditate in these emotions and feelings, but instead I got out of the bath and made myself busy with other things. I still don’t know what to do or what this means. Please offer me any advice you have. Blessings, LaFi.

    • Alia

      I had a very blocked sacral chakra most of my life, and a recent encounter pushed me to heal it.. it was extremly difficult to process the emotions, the shame, the guilt, but in 3 months with an intent to heal it, I cannot tell you what a different person I am now in regards to my sexuality.
      I had to dig deep and face why I was so uncomfortable, (childhood and past life issues, and I had to learn to be comfortable with my body. I work a lot with crystals and Jasper helped me tremendously.
      All I can say is, it IS really uncomfortable, but very worth it to go through the process.

      • rob

        what did u do to heal iy

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