Discover The Meaning Of The Original Third Eye Chakra Symbol

Third Eye Chakra Symbol & Its Meaning

Third Eye Chakra Symbol

The Third Eye chakra’s symbol meaning is profound in its simplicity. Governed by Krishna, the Hindu god of wisdom, the sixth chakra symbol is the Om positioned over an inverted triangle that is seated within a circle between two lotus petals. Taken individually, all these elements’ meanings are representative of wisdom.

Associated with the element of ether (or Akasha), the sixth chakra’s symbol is dominated by the Om. Frequently included in everything from prayer to meditation and even the mundane, like yoga practice, it is a mantra of grounding, focus, and recognition of the Divine.

The Image of the Third Eye Chakra Symbol

Generally, there is no animal associated with the Third Eye chakra. The explanation being, many energy healers and spiritual traditions do not consider the Third Eye as part of the physical body.

The image of the Third Eye chakra symbol contains two elements frequently associated with wisdom: the upside down triangle and the lotus flower.

Similar to the root and throat chakra symbols, the Third Eye symbol’s upside down triangle serves a dual purpose in its symbolism. The cone-shaped geometric figure is representative of the channeling of information to the seed (or point of the triangle) from which wisdom blossoms. Similarly, if you look at the triangle from the other direction, the widening sides are indicative of the growth of one’s wisdom that leads to enlightenment.

The image of the lotus flower is a near-universal symbol meaning knowledge. Associated with Brahma, the Hindu god of creation, the lotus flower represents:

  • prosperity
  • beauty
  • fertility
  • eternity

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Third Eye Chakra Symbol

Color and Mantra of The Third Eye Chakra Symbol

The Third Eye chakra is depicted in shades of indigo — a mixture of deepest blue and violet tones. Taken together these colors are representative of:

  • wisdom
  • faith
  • mystery
  • loyalty

The sacred mantra “Om” (or Aum), is Sanskrit in origin and roughly translates to “the seed of all creation.” Its pronunciation is what one might imagine the hum of creation, or the universal life force, might sound like.

Appropriately, the Om is representative of the Third Eye, or gateway to higher consciousness.

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  • kitty

    it is said that the ajna chakra is rotating in an anticlockwise direction and i want to correct it if so how and because of this all other chakras are not performing if so how

  • zelur

    i realy wonder why my forehead is very painful when i feel there is something i saw but when i turned around ders no one there.

    • Jaime Hamptin

      Pain and color and imaginary things that is definitely not the purpose or the result of the 3rd. eye, that is when western culture tries to incorrectly interpret the purpose of the 3rd. eye. The 3rd. eye is mostly internal connecting the 3rd. eye with and utilizing the mind to feel things to connect with someone or to something not there yet has the same feelings as is on the same plane as you. The 3rd. eye also makes you individually aware of things others cannot get a grasp on, see or feel, but it is not imaginary.

  • Chinthaka Peiris

    Thats the confirmation sign of that you have opened third eye…


    I was talking to someone I thought could help me….but as soon as I read there e-mail, I saw in my left eye, the sky a golden hue with sun raise coming at it and the luminescent sun behind it…Do you know what that means? Can you help me understand it? thank you. PS I should probably tell you that I have been having problems with my entire left side. Thank you again, I am so very grateful. Respectfully Yvonne

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