What To Do When Your Throat Chakra Is Overactive

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Overactive Throat Chakra

Overactive Throat Chakra

When your throat chakra is overactive, you are your own (and others’) worst critic.It is important to understand the signs associated with an overactive throat chakra. Being able to recognize throat chakra issues is key to cleansing and learning how to balance the fifth chakra.

Signs of Overactivity in the Throat Chakra

Situated in the base of the throat, the fifth chakra is considered home to self-expression and your ability to communicate. It also serves as the “seat” of emotion.An overactive throat chakra can significantly impact your relationships and ability to function in life.

Common physical symptoms of an overactive throat chakra can include mouth and jaw problems, chronic sore throat, and colds. Additional physical ailments associated with an overactive throat chakra include:

  • ear aches
  • neck pain
  • laryngitis

When balanced, the throat chakra fosters clear, concise communication. You have no issues being honest regardless of the situation or company you’re in. However, when the throat chakra becomes too active the complete opposite happens.

Speaking rudely, out of turn, or maliciously are common indicators your fifth chakra needs attention. Looking down on others, you become highly critical of minute details. The slightest, most innocent comment from someone may strike you as intentionally rude. You may even speak negatively about yourself, or others, to the point it borders on verbal abuse.

Additional common non-physical signs of imbalance include:

  • gossiping
  • non-stop talking
  • arrogance
  • condescension

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Overactive Throat Chakra

Cleansing and Balancing An Overactive Throat Chakra

The calming color blue is commonly associated with confidence, truth, wisdom, and faith. All of which are also attributes tied directly and indirectly to characteristics associated with the throat chakra.

In most cases, incorporating positive changes into your lifestyle can help immensely, including eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly. When simple lifestyle changes aren’t enough, consider introducing aromatherapy, yoga, or sound therapy, such as singing, to your situation — yes, singing — even if it’s just in the shower. Exercising the vocal cords can dispel blockages in the fifth chakra.

Depending on the severity of your chakra imbalance, consulting with an energy healer is also something to consider.


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11 Responses to Overactive Throat Chakra

  • Liz

    Hello, i am writing because I feel my throat chakra is imbalanced greatly. I get soar throats alot, and coughs. What u basically described. So all i have to do is meditade and to calm down? What else? I just got over a cold, so please explain how i can improve it thanks.


    • Karl

      Focus on your Throat Chakra when you meditate. Think of the color blue and possibly get any blue minerals/Gemstones such as Lapis Lazuli or Sodalite. There are tons of them. Meditate with the stones and do the physical work that was mentioned in the article. I hope this helped.

    • Anonymous


  • Jayna

    How do you treat an asthma attack without an inhaler?My boyfriend has bad asthma and we had a scary experience recently where I had to call an ambulance because he di8;7#d21&nt have his inhaler. I didn’t know what to do and it was really scary For future reference, is there any techniques that help if you don’t have an inhaler?

    • yochi

      strong caffeine no milk drink might .be juste enouth To stop thé attack .
      try it when you are at your own place . before using the inhaler.
      gluten free diet can prevent attacks.wish you well .

  • Gail Mitchell

    Have you ever heard of an almost boil like puffiness appearing at the throat chakra? And what would it indicate?

    • Sunita Beckley

      This sounds like Goiter and could be serious! Consult a physician for ondocrinology ASAP! Thyroid gland is ruled by Pituitary master glands of entire body!

  • Gail Mitchell

    404P, 15220 Guildford Drive

  • Kay

    I am seeking information on the activation of the throat chakra without the thyroid gland being present,
    The thyroid has been removed medically, with regret!
    Is my throat chakra now in danger with its ability to activate?
    Many thanks in advance

    • Carley

      Great post with lots of imntroapt stuff.

    • Cynthia Owen

      Your thyroid was removed, not your chakra. The chakras are energy centers. Bring awareness to this chakra when meditating. There are many guided meditation you can listen to. Your thyroid issue may have developed as a result of an unbalanced throat chakra. So put the work into improving yourself as in the areas in the article. Look deep within with honesty of what you need to change. Meditate and use the crystals associated with this energy center. But continue with your medical regime associated with your thyroid removal. Don’t stop taking medication without a physician approval. Having thyroid removed will likely result in a replacement for it in medication. Balance is what you need now.

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