5 Signs You Have An Overactive Third Eye Chakra And What To Do About It

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Overactive Third Eye Chakra

Overactive Third Eye Chakra

An overactive third eye chakra can be disorienting and cause of much psychological and psychic distress. When this energy center is on overdrive, you may feel like you are getting lost in an endless stream of phantasmagoric visions or being bombarded by nonsensical pieces of information. Having an overactive third eye might sweep you off your feet if you are not grounded enough.

Signs Of An Overactive Third Eye Chakra

A common sign of hyperactivity in the third eye chakra is overindulging in a fantasy world while losing touch with reality. Another symptomatic manifestation is being overly concerned or fearful about the phantasmagorical visions passing before your mind’s eye. These are common symptoms when the third eye is opening without having enough overall balance and support from the lower chakras.

When the Third Eye is balanced you see everything clearly. You function and make decisions with a sense of neutrality; meaning you are concerned, but not attached, to any single outcome. Highly focused, you can make the distinction between reality and dreams (or imagination).

When the third eye is in overdrive, so to speak, the constant flow of thoughts can be mentally exhausting.You may feel intimidated by having to make decisions that would normally be quite simple. That indecisiveness is oftentimes influenced by clouded judgement, lack of focus, and an inability to distinguish what is real — all signs your sixth chakra needs to be balanced.

Physical manifestations of an overactive third eye chakra include:

  • headaches
  • vision problems
  • seizures
  • insomnia
  • nausea
  • sinus issues

Additional non-physical signs of an overactive third eye chakra include:

  • hallucinations
  • being judgmental
  • anxiety
  • mental fog
  • feeling overwhelmed
  • paranoia and/or delusions

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Overactive Third Eye Chakra

When Your Third Eye Chakra Is Hyperactive…

If you feel the visions are too much for you to handle or the pieces of information are coming too fast, you can always ask for them to slow down. You might also thank the source of guidance you feel is involved then, and humbly say that you need a bit more time to be fully available to receive all the information.

If you feel the visions and energies you experience are going out of control, firmly anchor yourself in your body and root yourself into the Earth as much as possible.

You can also ask for protection and guidance to make your experience more comfortable. Ask to receive information in a way you can process or understand more easily.

Healing Tip: Use Other Chakras To Balance A Third Eye Chakra On Overdrive

More than just the third eye chakra being over-activated, the issue may arise from a lack of overall balance in your energy system.

The ability to apply discernment towards the information you receive through this energy center. You can use other chakras and their qualities, such as the second (sacral) or fourth chakra (heart). For example, the second chakra can help filter your intuitive hits and anchor them in your emotional and physical field. The heart chakra might bring a balanced and compassionate perspective to navigate through what may otherwise appear disincarnate or threatening.

Of course, working on strengthening the energy of your root chakra is key is keeping your grounds while allowing the qualities of the third eye chakra to develop more fully. For instance, it’s important to ground yourself while opening up the third eye chakra. Without being properly grounded, your visions might sweep you off your feet. Far from being contradictory, the influence of the root chakra energy supports the activity of the third eye chakra. An important point to remember when opening your third eye!

Other Cleansing and Balancing Recommendations For The Third Eye Chakra

To restore balance to the sixth chakra, incorporate subtle, positive lifestyle changes, such as introducing healthy, whole foods into your diet, and getting regular exercise. Energy healing, such as Reiki, aromatherapy, crystals, and sound therapy, can also help to restore chakra balance. These are high vibrational practices are particularly suitable to balance the third eye chakra. Make sure you focus on the intention of soothing and balancing this energy center. If the imbalance is significantly impacting your life, visiting a trusted energy healer may be something to consider.

The third eye chakra is recognized as being represented by the color indigo, which is a combination of colors deepest blue and violet. Their combination is associated with wisdom and devotion. Both characteristics play an important role in the development of the sixth chakra.


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96 Responses to Overactive Third Eye Chakra

  • Brian

    OK, this is going to sound weird but it’s confusing to me. I’ve been feeling a strange pressure in the middle of my forehead. For as long as I can remember I’ve always had a vivid imagination. When I close my eyes I can see images like a motion picture but random, sometimes it’s cartoonish sometimes it’s of real images. When I meditate I imagine a black hole sucking the images away but another something completely random just takes it’s place. I’ll do this for a couple hours at night just to fall asleep. I’ve gotten to the point that the pain is starting to become intense I’ve scheduled an appointment with the VA to get an MRI done and if nothing shows up an EKG. I sometimes feel like somethings touching me from my face to my feet I don’t know how to stop it or understand it. I’ve gone in for sleep consultations because I enter sleep paralysis while wide awake just meditating and when I wake up I’m still in that state I don’t have to explain to others how terrifying sleep paralysis is. I’ve even gone so far as to use my hands as a dowsing rods to ask whatever presence(either in my head or real) yes or no questions and came up with names of people I don’t even know weird thing is I would start out by asking how many letters the first/last name is and come up with perfectly spelled names. My erratic writing will show you just how messed up I believe either again in my own head or not it is. I’m seeking medical attention at the moment, but in the off chance they cannot help I wish for others inputs. Thank you.

    • Renee

      Do you ever have a hard time with enjoying fun? Sounds like this is happening due to lack of overindulging onto things while not feeling fully grounded. I used to have bad migranes growing up. The key to making this go away is to speak your truths, stop overthinking about a certian outcome as that is ego popping up to dostract you. Let yourdelf live more without worries and be more free. The more we keep our thoughts cooped up the worse we only make things for ourselves. No MRI or doctor will be able to diagnose this. Brcause the only way to tackle this is from within. As soon as you free your mind and soul. The sooner youl stop having these issues. Good luck:)

    • Amy

      It might be better for you to go to someone who is specialized in the paranormal, and explain everything that is going on with you. What you have might be because your chakras are out of balance, but I’m not sure. I hope going to someone who knows more about all of this can help you with your problems.

    • Kat

      You are overthinking your experiences. When these things happen simply relax and let them be there. The pain is from your mind trying to fight with the experience and explain it away. It is simply what it is. You are you and everything you experience comes from you. There is no need to be afraid of what is happening. Simply Be and it will be OK.

    • Anonymous

      You can ask a woman named Wanda Pratnika.  She and or her office of helpers can help you. Google her name, Wanda Pratnika.

    • Ariel

      Hahaha, hey dear it’s Ur hear and Omm is ten minutes away. Don’t go to the doctor, hospital or police over this silliness, just think about. It is all powered by electrical energy, from waves in the sea,to our thoughts, to radio waves, to internet. It all carries images, sounds, thoughts and movement. You are just sensing it all. In the old days they use to induce this experience by sensory deprivation and make it worse by means of electrical shock in order to drive people crazy, now days there are many secret ( or not so secret)cults that use this knowledge to manipulate people’s thoughts and emotions by scaring them. Doctor’s profit, churches profit, alternative healers profit, and the people suffer and get drugged and drunk, which is also profit to someone.

    • Raluca

      You are a gift to this world. I can relate to your experiences, but I’m choosing to believe that this highly developed sensitivity is serving me. I don’t think what you are experiencing is bad, even though it might seem that way. I honestly think what you are going through is beautiful in some way, it’s just out of control and you need to restore balance within yourself. I also think I’m going crazy sometimes and it’s super frightening, but then again I also receive a lot of abundance and love quite in the same amount or more, so my advice for you would be to accept it, sit with it, don’t try to fix it as it’s not a problem, but rather embrace it and let all these energies lift you up. We can only understand true bliss and happiness once we’ve experienced pain. I write this for me and you both so it may be more personal rather than an objective advice, but I’m sure these experiences will lift you up if you change the lenses through which you see them <3

  • Third eye blind

    You are all dillusional.  These are known problems and doctors can help you. Be kind to yourselves and see a doctor.  It’s important for you and your family.

    • MienMien

      Untrue, visiting a man made medical world only makes things worse because they dont really work out of love but out of harsh cold protocols. Having a fear and not being able to sovereignly solve your problems and running to the doctor first had made people weak for centuries. I agree that it sometimes helps but in that way you are not giving your self attention and healing energy, yet you give it away to a doctor who is not holistic. people need to not start a family when they can not even care for themselves or eat healthy because that would make the genetics of the child messed up anyways, the astrological chart and overall mental state of weak parenting even more.

      Be strong and get knowledge, be sovereign!

    • Matty

      “delusions” is listed in the “non-physical signs of an overactive third eye”… isn’t that ironic

  • Mana

    Me and my bestfriend have known each other for 7 years now and have always been close last year we started feeling wierd and noticing things like how when one of us thought of something it would actually be the opposite of the thought that would be right and latley we have been making assumptions about new people and go very deep into them when we barley know them and we added all the sign we have been through and we think we both have our third eye open we have been experiencing so many things and predicting the future which becomes right im not sure what this is but we doubt its a coincidence

  • Savonnah

    I will say something and it happens to the point people tell me to shut up lol what is that????

  • G910io

    when i open my 3 rd eye i got headache but sometimes nigthmares become like real last nigth i dreamed something that someone is hauting me when i said stop my head started to hurt my chest started like be in bad pains when i wake up in morning it was less pain then in nigth time

  • p

    Whenever i close my eyes i can experience a very lucid pattern of images almost like a drug trip.
    I have tried to open my third eye without the support of any other root chakras. Is this a symptom of an overactive third eye?
    What should i do? Should I try to decrease the third eye activity or try to balance it by strengthening the lower chakras?
    I would request the group members to answer this as quickly as possible as this is causing a weird distress to me.

    • Kylie

      I have the same thing, but to a lesser degree (usually only notice it when I’m riding in a car with my eyes closed and the sun is shining on me through the trees, causing a sort of strobe light effect – this started when I was very young). My mother was into all kinds of things during her pregnancy and I think she may have unknowingly (or even knowingly) caused my third eye to be too open. I have also been experiencing many other symptoms all my life, some mentioned in this article, and some not touched on. Anyway, to me it does sound like your third eye might be too open, like mine. What I personally am hoping will help is strengthening my root chakra to balance it out. You may be different and need to strengthen a different one – I don’t know that it will help but my gut is telling me it will, and if I’ve learned one thing from being cut wide open on my forehead all these years (metaphorically lol), it’s to trust my gut 😉 good luck!

    • Lotus Immortal Eye

      Hoy, you must ground & balance your energy. Inhale on ur toot chakra feel it merging at 1 w/ the ????, mentally recite Omm. Feel it connecting with ur 3rd eye the energy on all the chakras are balanced and connected to the ???? thru’ the toot chakra. Repeat this breath however many times u feel u need. U will feel a comforting sense of stable harmony throughout your whole being.

  • Manju

    HiHi Greg..I hv been trying to find a person who can clear me about my questions according to high dimension…dat may be u who can suggest whtz going on..dat m trying to find

    My synchronicity with people always make me feel good..my visions always surprises me whn I get a moment clicked in my mind before it happens but out of these,that surprises me most whn my brain makes an image about the thought of a person standing at my back..beside me or can say whn enters my aura..it happens frequently whn I close my eyes in relaxed position..second thing that happens is sometimes word cm in my mind jst few seconds or I can say my subconscious mind listens sometimes jst a moment before a person says it n after some time smone day dat wrd or sentence
    My question is.. along with visions why these things happening to me..is it 6th sense or sincronicity??according to u wht it can be
    I hv knowledge about yoga..7chakras..binaural and different frequencies but I don’t practice anything regular
    Plz let me know If u hv any question related to this to get my thinking or questions in more elaborated way to know exactly..plz suggest
    Waiting for ur response

    • vic

      Hi can i ask you a question? because i don’t know is it dangerous or safe to open your third eye, please tell me

  • Anthony

    wow this helped alot, today after I went for some disc golf I started experiencing pain in the center of my forehead and lately iv been trying to ground and have had problems with it, also iv had a history of feeling pressure on my forehead, this helped me and gave me an idea of what was ungrounding me, I thought it was just my imagination but for me it was self plesuring that was mostly keeping me ungrounded, it was keeping one side of my head tense and iv been trying to figure out why, but once i thought of letting go of that idea of self pleasure my head started to relax and gain relief of pain. im also very imaginative so that made things worse for a while but in the end im feeling so much at peace just from a few minutes of that and nerves in my back and foot have opened up. it really concerns me that if this was the problem then western society is actually promoting self plesure which also dosent supprise me… be carefull with your minds people.

  • Dave

    Yeah this stuff is 100% legit to anyone wondering. If you aren’t a plant-based vegan you and I know you can’t be “aware” so please stop making false claims. I am actively trying to close mine, it’s not a good idea to truly be “awoke” in this generation the world is too dark.

    • JLS37

      Why do people insist there is just one particular way to be? Don’t you get it, Dave? We are are created to be unique. It’s all about a balance, not a checklist some “human” created for people to follow. Also, I’m pretty sure you don’t hold the “hey, everyone wake up” key…. I’m just saying.

    • Brandon

      How can I close mine?

  • TaTiana McNair

    I’ve been experiencing headaches and pressure in the forehead.

  • Anaekwe patrick

    Seriously mine is getting out of hand. I don’t know weather its the 3rd eye.. But sometimes when I walk I feel like am been drawn back and when I look at inanimate things I tend to think what if I touch this stuff or what if I go into this stuff people will think am going crazy and sometimes when am lying down I feel like the whole thing in my head is been shifted to a direction and makes my head feel heavy and sucks energy from me…. While walking I feel my legs getting tired and sometimes I can’t feel them at all but am walking. Their is this thing pushing me and its all in my head. Please help me. Am from Nigeria

    • sarab

      dude, trust me make your legs stronger and practice good posture. Your other chakras are’nt strong, especially your root chakra. In the world we live in we need strong balanced root chakra. Pay proper attention to how to you walk and stand. Hope the problem got better but if it still persist above will help.

  • Christopher

    The third eye is enlightenment, understanding and realization. Its not pain or discontent, its the complete oposite. Most Lives lived are shallow and judgmental and are used to chaos. The 3rd eye assurance and clear… and love

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