Know Your Sacral Chakra And How To Harness Its Power

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What Is The Sacral Chakra?

Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra is the second chakra. It is associated with the emotional body, sensuality, and creativity. Its element is water and as such, its energy is characterized by flow and flexibility. The function of the sacral chakra is directed by the principle of pleasure. Let’s have a look at this energy center’s basics, including its location, color, symbol, potential signs of imbalance, and what to do heal your sacral chakra.

Sacral chakra location

The most common location for the sacral chakra is about three inches below the navel, at the center of your lower belly. In the back, it’s located at the level of the lumbar vertebrae.

Other noteworthy locations described in different systems, expand its location to the genital area, especially at the level of ovaries for women and the testicles for men.

It is associated with the lymphatic system.

Behavioral characteristics of the sacral chakra

The sacral chakra is associated with the following psychological and behavioral functions:

  • Emotions, feelings
  • Relationships, relating
  • Expression of sexuality, sensual pleasure
  • Feeling the outer and inner worlds
  • Creativity
  • Fantasies

The sacral chakra is associated with the realm of emotions. It’s the center of our feelings and sensations. It’s particularly active in our sexuality and the expression of our sensual and sexual desires.

Motivated by pleasure, it’s the driving force for the enjoyment of life through the senses, whether it’s auditory, through taste, touch, or sight. Opening your sacral chakra allows you to “feel” the world around and in us. As such, it’s an important chakra at the foundation of our feeling of well-being.

The second chakra is instrumental in developing flexibility in our life. Associated with the water element, it’s characterized by movement and flow in our emotions and thoughts. It supports personal expansion and the formation of identity through relating to others and to the world.

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Sacral chakra imbalance

When the sacral chakra is balanced, the relationship with the world and other people is centered around nurturing, pleasure, harmonious exchange.

Imbalance in the sacral chakra can manifest as:

  • Dependency, co-dependency with other people or a substance that grants you easy access to pleasure
  • Being ruled by your emotions
  • The opposite: Feeling numb, out of touch with yourself and how you feel
  • Overindulgence in fantasies, sexual obsessions
  • Or the opposite: Lack of sexual desire or satisfaction
  • Feeling stuck in a particular feeling or mood

Sacral Chakra

Sacral chakra meaning

The second chakra is referred to as:

  • Sacral chakra
  • Svadhisthana
  • Adhishthan
  • Shaddala

The most common Sanskrit name for the sacral chakra is “Svadhisthana”, which means “your own place”.

Sacral chakra color

The sacral chakra is most commonly represented with the color orange. However, since it’s associated with the element of water, it could also take the color of very light blue or white in more rare occasions.

The orange of the second chakra is translucent and has a transparent quality.

Sacral chakra symbol

The symbol of the sacral chakra is composed of:

  • A circle with six petals
  • A moon crescent

The circle represents the elements of water. Typically, the moon crescent is colored in silver and represents the connection of the energy of the moon with water. These symbols point to the close relationship between the phases of the moon and the fluctuations in the water and the emotions.

Furthermore, the symbolism of the moon relates to the feminine menstrual cycle that takes the same number of days to complete and the connection of the sacral chakra with sexual organs and reproduction.

Sacral chakra: To go further


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  • Greg

    Thanks for sharing.  God Bless.

  • Hope

    Google Dr. Sebi it will explain alkaline. You will need to change your diet tremendously.

  • Tamara

    When your chakra is imbalanced can someone do you harm?? Like bad luck?

    • Elena

      The lower your vibrations and frequency are, the higher chance of negativity and bad happenings are to come to you. Your mentality can subconsciously draw them out which is why the law of attraction is such a powerful tool. So yes, it can, since you are more susceptible.

  • jessica vibes

    Thanks for sharing. I strongly believe in chakras healing food and all the knowledge to help our bodies and soul.

  • Nicky

    I am dealing with possibly ovarian cancer. what Chakra and stones are best for this?

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      Hi I’m Xavier I whant to know what’s the best way for me to learn hidrocones

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        Hi I’m Xavier I whant to know what’s the best way for me to learn hidrocones please

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    • Nancy

      Hey Nicky… healing past connections with family has tremendously helped me deal with cervical cancer. I had to learn how to connect with others and have harmonious relationships along with becoming extremely alkaline, taking anti-oxidants and literally never showed up for surgery… 3 years later, without surgery, i am cancer free… work with the sacral and solar plexus chakra.

      • Serena Nelson

        Hi Nancy, wow that is just an amazing story.
        I only have PCOS, and have only just found out that this sacral chakra is the one that most identifies me (I had always thought I was the Solar Plexus – I just had no doubt…until doing the test on this website)
        Have you found it beneficial to work on two chakras, or do you recommend working on just one at a time.
        I am new to this whole thing, but after having gotten myself more familiar with all the material on it – I’m so drawn to it and I feel, and believe it while heartedly. I am also a paraplegic and this chakra is located exactly where I’ve had my spinal break! Also with it being connected to ththe lymphatic system…have you noticed yours are often swallon (I’ve noticed on my neck, behind my ears, either side of my groin are all little lumps I can feel. I even have a cyst! I’ve have not had something like this ever…but I do suffer with acne)
        After wild promiscuity I now have absolutely no desire for sex at all.
        I don’t know if it’s because I don’t feel like a woman, without the ability of having kids. Or if it’s now that I’m sober after both drug AND alcohol addiction (which I now found out is also linked to this chakra)
        I don’t know why I’m telling you all this. I just wanted to say CONGRATS on avoiding having to have the surgery, and BEATING CANCER! It’s amazing!
        Yes, so that – and if I should concentrate on just this sacral chakra on its own, or is it possible to benefit from doing two (like, also doing my solar plexus work also?

      • Serena Nelson

        Also, what is alkaline, and should I buy those little strips to test if I am alkaline enough?

    • Dan


      Bloodstone (root chakra) and smoky quartz can potentially be good for this. Peace be with you!

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    That’s great info about chakras

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