What To Do When Your Sacral Chakra Is Overactive

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Overactive Sacral Chakra

Overactive Sacral Chakra

If your sacral chakra is overactive your life may be rife with issues of excess and conflict, from thriving on drama to problems with addiction and unhealthy relationships.The key to restoring balance is to familiarize yourself with the signs of an overactive second chakra. When you recognize and understand the issues, learning how to balance the overabundance of chakra energy is made easier.

Signs of Overactivity in the Sacral Chakra

Although signs of an overactive sacral chakra generally manifest in non-physical ways, physical symptoms can occur. For instance, you may experience a persistent sensation of warmth in your lower abdomen when energy flow through the chakra is excessive. An overactive sacral chakra can also significantly impact the function of the reproductive organs, bladder, and lower back. Among the most common physical ailments are:

  • cysts
  • urinary issues
  • kidney problems
  • lower back pain
  • gynecological problems

When your sacral chakra is overwhelmed, you yourself may feel overwhelmed. You may experience emotions more deeply than normal, have severe mood swings, or seemingly thrive on conflict and drama. Oftentimes, the excess of emotions can also lead to poor personal boundaries making you overly dependent on others or even obsessive.

Non-physical signs of an overactive sacral chakra can include:

  • anxiety
  • mania
  • aggressiveness
  • arrogance

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Opeing Sacral Chakra

Considering the sacral chakra influences sexuality, an overactive sacral energy center can contribute to promiscuity, sex addiction, and feelings of detachment or viewing others as mere objects to achieve sexual gratification.

Individuals with an overactive sacral chakra may also develop addiction to alcohol, drugs, or other unhealthy substances or engage in high-risk behaviors. Additional issues can include excessive eating and an unhealthy focus on one’s body image.

Cleansing an overactive sacral chakra

Located in the lower abdomen, the sacral, or navel, chakra rules your ability to relate to the world around you. It governs your ability to interact with others and develop, nurture and maintain healthy relationships. Being mindful of making the right choices to curb unhealthy behaviors helps cleanse and heal the sacral chakra.

Because of its close association with the digestive system, adopting a healthy diet and getting plenty of exercise might be particularly helpful in balancing the second chakra’s energy flow.

The chakra is aptly associated with the color orange, a hue representing energy, creativity, and pleasure. To balance an overactive sacral chakra, you may surround yourself with its opposite color, blue.

If, after making lifestyle changes, you still feel out-of-balance, consider incorporating other energy healing techniques, such as aromatherapy, yoga, meditation, or Tai Chi. Long-standing and severe energy imbalance can necessitate consulting with an energy healer to help restore balance and healing.


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18 Responses to Overactive Sacral Chakra

  • Diana

    I know u posted long ago. But I would like to comment on the anger. U thought it was from the healer. U believe it is the healing. I am an alcoholic. Always called myself a happy alcoholic bc I always laughed and enjoyed myself. But when I got sober…I was angry all the time. Through meetings with other recovered, I learned I was using the drink to bury my anger and not deal with thinds that bugged me. So I worked through it and am no longer angry

  • Lou

    Mine has got so bad that my back where the sacral ska kraft is is damaged I suffer severe pain n all the problems listed I am now attending a pain clinic where they treat me with light therapy to affected areas. I used to do a daily charabanc cleanse with a cd n funny enough I found it again other day.mytherapist thinks it is the Meds like lyrica n others I am on is causing a lot of this especially the pain down my legs. I am booked in to go to treatment centre or rehab to get off substances and change my behaviour be so interesting to see if this works will keep posted!

    • Anonymous

      Hello. May I suggest you contact Mujin Choi via Facebook. The healing he does is astonishing to say the least.Free or donation only.

  • Lisa

    Heling sexual abuse with energy Healing would seem difficult to me, I am an energy worker, as trust is a major factor on the clients end. I would not attempt it unless they were referred by a psychotherapist, truly understood what Reiki is and could tell me what thry hoped to achieve from a session.

  • Tropicalbutterfly

    I agree with Tyler. CBT is great and so is DBT if he turns out to be borderline. You don’t need some magical crystal ball to heal. Get real help from a therapist. I love the chakras but i use them as a sort of guide. Most of these “healers” just want your money anyway. Cognitive behavioral therapy works and allows you to take control of your own healing by becoming fully aware of whats going on in your head.
    As for LSD, this has worked for some people, but for someone who is already having issues with paranoia it’s definitely not a good idea.

    • Gemma

      As a healer I find that last comment particularly hurtful and unnecessary, any good healer has trained for many years with the soul desire of helping people, if I charge anyone at all it’s to cover my travel costs and I know many healers who do the same, please don’t just dismiss a whole demographic of people who you really don’t fully know or understand

    • Brynn

      Whom are you to say what is or isn’t, “real” help, huh?  Who exactly do you *think* you are,just out of curiosity? Who, are, you?

  • carrie

    Is it common that those who have experienced childhood sexual abuse would have particular blockages in this chakra?

    • Tyler

      Get the book ‘Eastern Body, Western Mind’. She will help you understand a great deal of things. The link between sexual abuse and problems with this Chakra are clearly described.

      All the best.

    • Jimmy

      That’s really thknniig out of the box. Thanks!

  • traci

    She’s right I also had all of these emotions and addictive personalities and then I some work done on me , I immediately felt great and then all the sudden I started getting angry and thinking the person was channeling bad energy in me I still question it so I learned how to do work on myself it’s been a slow progress I continue to work so I recommend doing it she said and working on yourself I’m not an expert but I know I felt the same way thank you I hope he gets better

  • Mari

    What a lovely informative and clear presentation of this information! ANd your reply to Isabel’s question is absolutely beautiful. Namasté

  • Isabelle

    My boyfriend tells me that he absorbs people’s energy and it goes right to this chakra. His life has been a struggle with addictions, anxiety, low self-esteem, self-hatred, poor boundaries, paranoia, etc. He was abused sexually as a child and we also think this was passed on by his mother who got raped in her early teens. He suffers from all these psychological aspects you mention except the arrogance one. Recently, we visited a lady who works with a special crystal bowl. He felt really good during the session but woke up saying he was extremely angry at her for doing this shift to him. He tought it was some sort of witchcraft and felt uncomfortable… This feeling faded away fortunately. He never wants to do it again. He cannot trust people with energy. He thinks they are doing things to him that are bad or to control him. What do you suggest?

    • Isabel

      He should becoming his own healer. Meditation is magic. You go within and connect to your divine, beautiful, perfect, self. No greater healer/guru than oneself. Blessings xoxo
      Sat Nam

    • Tyler

      I completely disagree that he can accomplish his healing solely through meditation. It can help him along and once he’s healthier to remain stable but with such a traumatic history making improvements without the assistance of practitioners would be very challenging.

      As I’ve recently been learning via the assistance of an incredible book: Eastern Body, Western Mind, when the lower Chakras are injured all the upper Chakras are affected. For sure he would have a strong reaction to treatment which would shake his trust in the process…but it will inevitably be very hard at first. We often have to get worse to feel better..but eventually we reclaim our right to be here, feel, be healthy, have worth ext… The process is long but rewarding.. Wish you both the best.

      Some things that can help: Cognitive therapy. Hypnotherapy. The book ‘Eastern Body, Western Mind’. Acupuncture. Grounding work. Yoga. Vegetables. Love and Support. Meditation and Self-love. Nature.

    • Swim

      LSD, not joking

      • Nat

        thumbs up 🙂

    • Michelle

      Tell him to keep researching about the sacral chakra, keep doing self-care and practice to heal it. Deal with everything head on, walk through the moment. Don’t let the negative reside permanent but temporary. Also forgive and love. ♥️

      He’s got this!!

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