Third Eye Chakra Blockage

Third Eye Chakra Blockage

Last Updated on December 24, 2019

Author: Lizzy

When your Third Eye chakra is blocked you lose your sense of direction in life and become stagnant. When the energy center of the Third Eye becomes blocked, you may start to distrust that inner voice. Your perception about life and where you’re headed can become negatively skewed and nearly unrecognizable. Unable to let go of the past and a fear of what the future holds makes you very dogmatic in your beliefs, daily routine, and how you view others.

Symptoms of Blockage of the Third Eye Chakra

A blocked Third Eye can wreak havoc on your physical well-being. Since this energy center governs the pituitary gland and neurological function, your body’s ability to fight infection, regulate sleep, and maintain balanced metabolic function is compromised. As a result, you may find you are frequently sick, suffer with insomnia, or develop high blood pressure.

Additional physical signs of a Third Eye chakra blockage are:

  • migraines
  • sinusitis
  • seizures
  • poor vision
  • sciatica

In extreme cases, there’s an increased risk for serious complications, such as stroke and blindness.

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Emotional signs of sixth chakra imbalance include:

  • delusions
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • paranoia

It is not uncommon to also experience vivid dreams, nightmares, and heightened skepticism.

Third Eye Chakra Blockage

Recommended Solutions for Clearing Your 3rd Eye Chakra

Foundationally speaking, the sixth chakra is about letting go of the ego. Embracing compassion and forgiveness is essential to successful clearing and healing of this energy center.

Aptly named, the Third Eye is instrumental in your ability to visualize. So it only makes sense that one remedy for alleviating the issue of a Third Eye blockage is meditation.

Incorporating healthy eating and some form of energy healing, such as aromatherapy, the use of chakra stones, or sound therapy, can also help restore balance to the Third Eye.

What To Expect When The Third Eye Chakra Blockage Is Cleared

As the seat of intuition and wisdom, an open and balanced Third Eye allows you to see life accurately. Taking things in stride, you know what you want in life and how you plan to get there. Depending on how open your sixth chakra is, you may also have heightened intuition that you’ve learned to trust.


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