Solar Plexus Symbol

Solar Plexus Symbol

Last Updated on December 21, 2019

Author: Lizzy

Each of the seven chakras is represented by a special image that symbolizes the essence of the chakra. For the solar plexus chakra, the image is of a red triangle facing downwards. The solar plexus, known as Manipura in Sanskrit,  is tied most closely to the sense of self, including self-control and self-confidence. This energy center is what allows people to set and maintain healthy boundaries, to know what they want, to assess their strengths and weaknesses accurately, and to control their impulses. It is known as Manipura in Sanskrit, which roughly translates to “city of jewels.”

Solar Plexus Chakra Symbol Description

Each side of the solar plexus symbol’s triangle has a T-shaped arm stemming from the middle. This is a variation of the Hindu swastika, which is an ancient holy symbol that represents the sun. The red triangle is located in the center of a yellow circle surrounded by 10 darker petals, which calls to mind the lotus flower. Each petal is decorated with a symbol representing a different sound, each of which have symbolic meanings.

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Solar Plexus Symbol

The Meaning of the Symbol

The predominately yellow color of the symbol along with the red highlights are reminiscent of fire, which is the element associated with Manipura. Its lotus flower shape is a common one and can symbolize life, rebirth and spiritual awakening. The swastika imagery has a similar meaning, with the sun representing life and spiritual awakening.

Each of the ten petals are emblazoned with a symbol. The symbols represent the Sanskrit syllables of pha, pa, na, dha, da, tha, ta, nna, ddha, and dda. Each of these symbols has a meaning. It is difficult to translate this symbol meaning directly, because the explanation often misses a great deal of cultural nuance. Essentially, each of these symbols corresponds to what could be called a vice, although it might more accurately be called a distraction or stumbling block. Respectively, the symbols on the petals represent sadness, foolishness, delusion, disgust, fear, shame, treachery, jealousy, ambition and ignorance in spiritual matters.

The Manipura symbol represents the awakening into true being, blending the base human nature with spiritual awakening. It recognizes the faults everyone has, but represents the ability to rise above them. It symbolizes a holistic sense of self, recognizing instinct and emotion as valuable while still aspiring to enlightenment.


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