Opening Heart Chakra

Opening The Heart Chakra

Last Updated on December 17, 2019

Author: Lizzy

The heart chakra occupies a central place in the chakra system. Located between the three lower chakras and three upper ones, it is often seen as playing the role of bridge or center of transformation of energies between the physical and the spiritual. As the center of love, the heart chakra helps heal and transform the physical energies into spiritual energies and vice and versa, supporting harmonious integration of all aspects of oneself.

How to open the heart chakra

There are many ways to open the heart chakra and restore balance in this energy center. We’ll review a few of them. The most accessible and first step to open your heart chakra is to turn within oneself and work towards self-acceptance. This is based on the principle that in order to love and open to love, one must feel at ease and loving within. The idea is that opening your heart chakra and keeping it open and balanced is supported by becoming more integrated. In order to open the heart chakra we can practice:

  • Acknowledging different parts of yourself that are at play in our daily life; some easy to recognize, some may be hiding in our shadow with guilt and shame or anger;
  • Honoring and accepting the different aspects of our personality;
  • Learning how to provide self-love
  • Working out inner conflicts
  • Learning how to make workable alliances with parts of yourself that tend to resist
  • Taming our inner critic and be less judgmental towards oneself

Traditional psychotherapeutic or self-development approaches might be helpful in identifying and working with the areas of resistance of blockage affecting the opening of your heart chakra.

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Opening Heart Chakra

Why Opening the Heart Chakra

Despite its name, the heart chakra is not solely focused on feelings and emotions associated with love. To simplify, the realm of emotions is typically more tightly associated with the second chakra or navel chakra. The heart chakra can be seen as the doorway to other dimensions of one’s experience of reality [Note: Barbara Brennan – Hands of Light], where we can experience more universal feeling of love that are less personalized. Therefore, opening the heart chakra refers to relaxing into a space where love and acceptance expand from individual preoccupation into a larger experience of love. By opening your heart chakra and anchoring yourself in its energy, you are going beyond the preoccupations typically associated with the lower three chakras. Concerns over safety and survival, emotions and sexuality, and the way others see you, social status or power do not disturb you any more. When the heart has been opened, one becomes naturally good to others and oneself. Having an open fourth chakra does not necessarily mean that have to be spiritual or that you’re a saint, but it supports love for all things and unconditional acceptance.

What You Can Expect When Your Heart Chakra Opens

When you open and balance your 4th energy center, you may experience the following heart chakra opening symptoms:

  • Feeling love for others, for life in general
  • Being more compassionate
  • Being more acceptant with yourself
  • Feeling inclined to forgive
  • Better overall sense of balance and well-being
  • Integration between with physical and earthly plane needs and spiritual aspirations
  • Altruism, selflessness
  • Harmonious, balanced control of the senses and emotions (does not feel like constriction or excessive control)
  • Balance of female and male energies within oneself
  • Harmony in relationships

Opening the heart chakra is an essential practice in a number of spiritual traditions. The fourth chakra becomes the mediator for divine love and access to non-dual states where there is only love, where the one who loves and the object of love, the lover and the beloved are one. As a person living in your 4th chakra, you may start to see love in anything and everything, being at peace and centered in your heart no matter the circumstances. You may find yourself effortlessly trusting other and interacting with people in a loving and graceful way.


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