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Throat Chakra Symbol

Throat Chakra Symbol

The throat chakra’s symbol meaning is one of sound, wisdom, and consciousness. Associated with the element of ether (or Akasha), the throat chakra is governed by Brahma, the Hindu god of creation and wisdom.

Throat Chakra Symbol Meanings

The crescent-shaped throat chakra image, imbedded in a white (or sometimes light blue) circle, is inspired by the moon, purity, and cosmic sound and is surrounded by lotus petals.

One explanation of the significance of these elements is their relationship to the ultimate goal of meditation — to blend with Akasha to achieve higher consciousness. The transcendence of human consciousness is itself an act of purification. In order to achieve that level of purification, the throat chakra must be open and balanced.

Symbol Color: Pure Blue

Positioned between the head and heart, linking feeling and thought, the throat chakra is tied directly to the purification of the body, mind, and spirit. The throat chakra symbol is oftentimes depicted as shades of radiant blue, the color of wisdom, faith, purification, and trust.

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Symbolic Animal Associations

Commonly known as the Vishuddha chakra, the fifth chakra is associated with the exalted white elephant. In Hindu tradition, the white elephant, Airavata, carries Indra, the god of thunder and rain. The white elephant is symbolic of:

  • strength
  • prosperity
  • luck

Throat Chakra Symbol

The Throat Chakra: A Symbol of Awakening

Brahma is said to have been born from a lotus flower positioned in the navel of Lord Vishnu. Similarly, Buddhist tradition states all souls come from the lotus. Therefore, it’s only fitting the lotus flower is representative of the development of human consciousness.

Within the Hindu tradition, the lotus flower itself is associated with:

  • beauty
  • fertility
  • spirituality
  • eternity

The sixteen lotus petals surrounding the throat chakra symbol are often inscribed with Sanskrit letters; namely, the vowels. Why vowels? They represent the breathy, airy elements of words — just like ether is the airy element of space.

The inverted triangle of the throat chakra symbol is also symbolic of spiritual growth. The downward position is affiliated with the gathering of information, while the widening upward sides represent the blossoming knowledge leading to Enlightenment.


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3 Responses to Throat Chakra Symbol

  • doyal

    And i dont want to improve my blocked throat chakra.i feel comfortable in blocked state only and it is there since childhood though shyness has been overcome.what would be the cause?

    • Nirmala Joanna Cazden

      Hi – I’m a voice teacher as well as energy healer. Work with throat from lots of perspectives… In my studies I have learned that throat chakra expresses authentic self, which means there is always a free choice of what to send outward to the world through sound (speech) vs what one chooses to keep private. Being at peace with choosing more silence in your life does not mean that the chakra is “blocked,” of needs to be fixed in any way! Your personal expression— how you present your inner life to the world— may be transmitted in other modalities. Or maybe you share words/sounds mostly with God, animals, or intimate people only, vs boldly /loudly in public. If heart and mind are united, throat region will be healthy. Be unique & trust your path!

      • Santron Freeman

        I love your response to this article, I too am an intuitive energetic healer and appreciate your voice on this topic.  Thank you for being unique and trusting your path. We are all in this together!

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