Activate and Balance Your Chakras

A powerful guided meditation through your 7 energy centers to open and balance your chakras.

Start your day in balance and/or rebalance after a busy day. This meditation can be performed everyday or whenever you need a tune-up.

This Chakra Meditation combines visualization, hand movements and affirmations. Bringing balance, relaxation and well-being to your chakras.

Chakra is a sanskrit word, meaning wheel or vortex of light. There are seven major chakras located along our spine and each one has its own color, characteristics and attributes.

These energy centers function as pumps, regulating the energy flow though our energy system.

Everything we do or think influences the vitality of our chakras.

These circular energy centers are in constant motion, rotating, attracting energy, receiving or radiating.

The chakras are our source of restorative energy and healing power.

Whether you can see your chakras or even believe in them isn’t essential. They are an intrinsic system that influences your experiences of life. Everything is made of energy and so are you.

By becoming more receptive to subtle energy you will develop sensitivity and deeper awareness of yourself and others.

By balancing and opening your chakras, through deep breathing and meditation you will not only enhance your well being and vitality but also improve the quality of your love life and become more open.

What You’ll Get…

  • A guided 17 minute Chakra Meditation to activate and balance your body’s subtle energies.
  • The 7 Chakra Meditation PDF.
  • 2 versions available: HD version for desktop (large download file size) or Mobile Friendly version (smaller download file size).
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We would be honored to lead you through this relaxing meditation. Let Céline’s soothing voice along with beautiful music guide you through this powerful rebalancing practice.

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