Hand Chakras

The Hand Chakras

Last Updated on December 21, 2019

Author: Lizzy

Most people are familiar with the 7 chakras that run up the center of the body, but there are minor chakras as well, such as the hand chakras. Even though they are considered as secondary chakras, the energy centers located in the palm of our hands are powerful tools of perception and healing. Healers appreciate the quality of energy flowing through their hand chakras, but also anyone, with a little awareness of energy, can grasp the importance of these centers.

Where are the Hand Chakras?

Hands are the centers for multiple chakras. The primary chakras are located in the center of each palm. Others are said to be located at each joint, which make hands particularly useful channels for energy healing. The palm chakras are the focal point for the hand meridians.

Healers have differing views on how to classify the hand chakras; some see them as primary chakras, others consider them as concentrated energetic fields in charge of transmitting energy from other chakras. For instance, healing work often involves the hands as primary means to feel, give, and receive energy. Healers may channel energy through and from other chakras, such as the root chakra and earth energy, or heart chakra and love.

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Function of the Hand Chakras

Just like the other chakras, the centers of energy location in your hands are what allow you to interact with the world on an energetic level. They allow healing energy to flow both in and out and are associated with the act of giving and receiving.

Healthy hand chakras manifest as openness, creativity and confidence as you move through the world. They are usually associated with the color red or gold, although their shade and radiance may vary depending on the type of channeled energy.

Signs that your hand chakras may be blocked include:

  • Lack of creativity and inability to express yourself artistically
  • Feeling closed off or numb
  • Lack of connection with the world and with other people

Hand Chakras

Hand Chakras and Energy Healing

Open hand chakras are essential for energy healing. If they are blocked or imbalanced, energy flow from the healer will be weak or inconsistent. Reiki and other energy healing modalities use hand positions to help energy get where it is needed, but blocked hand chakras make that difficult.

For self-healing, the same problems arise. Blocked hand chakras create a closed system rather than an open one, preventing energy from flowing freely through your body and getting where it needs to go. In addition, chakra hand positions, or mudras, can help balance the major chakras in the body. Blocked hand chakras will prevent these mudras from being effective.

How to Open the Hand Chakras

There are several methods for opening your hand chakras. One of the simplest is simply holding your hands in water. If possible, use a natural body of water such as a stream or a lake, but a bowl of water will work. As you let your hands rest, imagine the water gently washing away any blockages you might have and replacing them with bright, flowing energy.

Another useful exercise comes from Reiki. To begin, hold your hands with your palms touching each other and gently rub them together. Imagine a glow forming in the palms of your hands. After a moment, slowly bring your hands a few inches apart, still imagining a glowing ball of energy emanating from your palms. Feel the energy. You may feel warmth or tingling as you play with this energy. Move your hands around a bit, letting the energy move and grow. Imagine it flowing from each palm. Finally, bring your palms back together and allow the energy to flow back into your body, healing and energizing you.

Creating art is also excellent for opening chakras. Using your hands will help get creative energy moving through them. Hands-on methods like sculpting are especially good.

Balancing chakras takes time and consistent practice, but these exercises can be done in a few minutes a day. Regular focus on the rest of the chakra system will also help with balancing your hand chakras. Using mudras or Reiki hand positions during your meditation will allow you to work on your hand chakras while healing and balancing other parts of your body.


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