How Correcting Your Posture Can Improve Your Chakras

Last Updated on December 17, 2019

Author: Dr. Paul Paez, DC, NRT, NET, CMT

Most people aren’t aware that they can improve the health and quality of their chakras by looking at posture. The secret lies in creating optimal function of the three main bandhas of the body. The proper function of bandhas is based on correct posture. Why? Because the bandhas are comprised of muscle and bony structures that rely on optimal nerve communication and alignment – the core of correct posture.

A quick primer on the chakras

Across the study of eastern philosophy as well as in South American indigenous teachings, we see the study of the chakra system. In India they are referred to the seven chakras, whereas in South America they are referred to as three main chakras. Either way, chakras are spinning forces or vortexes of energy in the body. As concentrated focused points of swirling energy, they are both the result of our energy bodies as well as interfaces to the world outside of the body.

There are innumerable benefits to having a healthy chakra system. The exciting thing is we have direct means of influencing them. The chakras themselves, according to Dr. Guru Rattana, PhD (1) can be affected by three main components:

  • Activation
  • Allowing
  • Alignment

It is commonly accepted in energy medicine circles that a “healthy” chakra has a clockwise spin, it’s aperture is opened to the appropriate amount and has no energetic cords or other imbalances interfering with its function. The health of chakras can be controlled and improved through mental as well as physical means.

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The Bandhas

You can positively affect your chakras by improving the structural alignment of your body by improving the structures associated with the bandhas or body locks. Bandhas are groups of muscles located in three main areas of the body. They are referred to as “locks” because of the result of the muscles contracting at a strength that will serve to direct energy in the body. The three bandhas encompass physical structures that you can control consciously. The three major bandhas are:

Mula Bandha: controlled by the pelvic floor muscles
Uddiyana Bandha: controlled by the abdominal and diaphragm muscle
Jalandhara bandha: controlled by the muscles of the neck

We control the bandhas by the contracting the corresponding muscle groups. If those muscles have poor symmetry or neurological input, then the foundation of proper bandha function is weak. Symmetry is vital for one to use the bandhas fully.

Symmetry begins where the muscles connect onto the bones as anchor points. If these anchor points are not properly aligned to the entire body, they will affect symmetrical contractions. Neurological deficit from poor posture will also lead to weakness of the muscles. The net result is seen in the overall body as poor posture.

Improve Your Chakras – Improve Your Posture

Clearing your chakras through breath work or energetic means will translate into connecting more with your physical body and improving posture. To understand this, I will break it down into the following two systems:

Chakra-Viscera system (CVS) – This is the connection between the energy qualities of the chakra and its corresponding organ or gland. For example the 2nd chakra relates to the sexual organs.
Viscera-Somatic system (VSS) – The VSS is a relationship between organs/glands and muscles of the spine. For example, the spleen and liver connect through a reflex mechanism with the muscles along the mid-back (2).

Connecting these two systems creates what I call the Energetic-Somatic System (ESS). This system represents the relationship between the energies of the body – in this case chakras and the physical body – and how they relate to posture. Connecting the dots with all these systems results in the chakras that affect organs/glands will then affect muscles of posture along the spine. This results in healthy chakras which equals healthy posture (3).

Improve Your Posture

You can improve your posture immediately. One place to start is with the basic meditation sitting position. When you are in your seated meditation position you can keep a healthy seated posture by optimizing spinal and pelvic biomechanics (6). This will affect your chakras in a positive way.

Here are four parts of your body to bring attention to – to enhance your posture.

Pelvic Level – if you are sitting on a chair, floor or cushion be sure to keep your waist even. This is done by keeping your legs in a symmetrical position. For example, if you are on the floor and have your legs crossed you may notice the “top” leg causes the hip on the same side to be elevated. I recommend placing a cushion or block under your pelvic bones to lift your hips up allowing your legs to rest more evenly.

Low Back Curved – Engage your belly slightly (Uddiyana Bandha). This will help keep your back from curving excessively forward or back. It keeps your center of gravity in line with your core and chakras.

Chest Lifted – Imagine a cord attached to the top of your head that gently pulls your head and torso up. This elongated your spine and helps to decompress your spine. A common mistake people make is to stick their chest out. Avoid the recommendation to lift the chest as it tends to cause people to lean back instead of lifting straight up.

Shoulders Pulled Slightly Back – Instead of lifting your chest, a more effective postural correction is to gently pull your shoulders back. It is like squeezing your shoulder blades together without overly exerting those muscles that connect the shoulder blades to the spine.

In addition to improving your seated posture, I highly recommend seeking out posture guidance through a posture expert. Recommendations of exercises, therapeutics and posture devices are given to make profound long lasting changes to your posture. I’m sure you will find not only improvement in your chakras health but also in your overall health and well-being.



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