Understanding Kundalini Syndrome And How To Deal With The Symptoms

The Kundalini Syndrome

Kundalini Syndrome

The Kundalini syndrome refers to the symptoms experienced by people as the raw, life force energy known as “kundalini” rises in the human body. Raising root chakra energy, known as Kundalini rising, is a spiritual awakening process. Meditation and Kundalini yoga poses are the main tools one uses to raise this raw, universal energy. However, it is possible for Kundalini energy, or Shakti, to rise without an individual’s knowing. Major and/or traumatic life events, near-death experiences, and other jolting happenings can bring forth the “serpent energy”.

The Kundalini syndrome and psycho-spiritual awakening

When Kundalini is awakened, especially for the unsuspecting individual, he may feel “out of sorts” or somehow disconnected from life. The development of unique abilities, or sixth sense as it’s sometimes called, can herald Kundalini awakening.

Additional signs of Kundalini shakti awakening can include:

  • increased sensitivity to light, sound, and energy
  • awakened interest or longing for spiritual growth
  • intense compassion for and/or longing to help others
  • a “sense” of spiritual changes ahead

However, if awakened Kundalini energy becomes off balance, a spiritual crisis known as Kundalini Syndrome can result.

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Kundalini Syndrome

There is a prevailing general acceptance that Kundalini Syndrome is a condition that induces a range of physical, sensory, and psychological symptoms. Although these symptoms are generally recognized by spiritual, medical, and psychiatric communities across the globe, it does not mean they all agree upon the symptoms’ origin.

According to the online encyclopedic site, Wikipedia, Kundalini Syndrome is defined as:

“A set of sensory, motor, mental and affective experiences described in the literature of transpersonal psychology, near-death studies and other sources covering transpersonal, spiritual or medical topics.”

With Kundalini, fear of the unknown is justified. Kundalini is not a cure for all your ills. It does, however, offer you the ability to transcend the mundane both physically and spiritually. But you need to be responsible in both your exploration and pursuit of Kundalini.

Awakening Kundalini shakti can thrust you into a whirlwind of attempting to make sense of what you’re experiencing. Some people are unable to cope. As a result, they may seek refuge with substances, such as drugs or alcohol. The best thing you can do to head off fear is to educate yourself about Kundalini and what to do if you suspect you have Kundalini Syndrome.

Kundalini Syndrome

Symptoms of Kundalini Syndrome

Typically, physical signs of this type of spiritual crisis are confined to joint pain, intense headaches, and nausea.

It is not uncommon to also experience symptoms that impact your sensory perception, such as:

  • inability to regulate body temperature
  • feeling “electricity” running up and down the spine
  • the sensation of the body vibrating

Generally, the effects of Kundalini syndrome overwhelm one’s emotional and psychological health. Awakened Kundalini energy itself can be difficult to handle even for the most grounded individual.

A range of syndrome-induced emotional and psychological symptoms may manifest in varying degrees of severity, including:

  • depersonalization
  • “breaking” with reality
  • mood swings
  • hallucinations

Healing solutions to the Kundalini Syndrome

Healing your body and spirit requires plenty of sleep, eating whole, real foods, and spending quality time outdoors to ground and restore balance to your chakra system. If symptoms intensify, seek assistance from a spiritual healer to help restore chakra balance. Avoid unnecessary exertion, including meditation and yoga, until symptoms subside.

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20 Responses to Kundalini Syndrome

  • Maarten

    So your advice is one insanely intense DMT trip?

    Or am I off the charts here?
    What exactly is the immediate effect of your prescription?

  • Maarten


    Up until 4 months ago, I was painfully ignorant about terms as Kundalini.. Indigo was just a memory of old from when a lady friend gave me that “honorary title” decades ago.. As if Indigo was emanating from my aura or something. Up until July this year.. The notion that “Indigo adults” even was a thing never occurred to me. Since I have discarded both organized religion and most new age cultism (a new words to scam people)… Spiritual, yes. A stooge.. Not so much… If I want truthful answers I’d rather go ask a tree than some over paid “motivational speaker” who over charges for serving empty platitudes to feed the egos of their audience.
    I have known about signposts for many years. I have been aware that we are all made of immortal energy. Most the old knowledge of mine from my travel to India at the age of 19 has been laying dormant. So has most of these alleged “super powers” of mine. My ability to foresee things and act on hunches has followed me since 1991. Many times I do not act upon them. Pondering what if I did….From that time in India.

    At least I did the right thing running to a doctor as soon as the 5 year old symptoms picked up speed after an intense mushroom ceremony in the forest this summer. A sort of ceremony I have been “asking the Universe” for this particular summer. And my chance came.
    This Kundalini seems to have come to me quite spontaneously after my 2nd herbal plant ceremony.
    When things out of my control with illness in my immediate family and I had to rush abroad.
    Things happened there which lead to one emotional turmoil I had to release somehow. A drunken stupor. 3 days later, the Kundalini which was activated during my 1st ceremony kicked in.
    It was perhaps the strangest spiritual month I have had since India 25 years ago. Perhaps even stranger. Self regeneration of old wounds which suddenly healed up over night. Not even traces.
    Other than that, practically every symptom of a Kundalini awakening has been the main issues of every day.
    My shaman advice me to take it easy. Rest. Relax. Meditate. Medicate Others says to avoid meditation….And medication. For those who consider cannabis a “drug”, are painfully wrong. It’s a helpful tool in the Kundalini process. At least to me. And I have been given no indication from either the universe or any yogis to take a break.
    The electrical vibrations through my spines has become so normal I have gotten used to it. I would miss those energy buzzes if they disappeared now.
    So if this is a lasting thing…. GOOD! I consider these energy buzzes as charging up my batteries and upgrading my software and hardware.

  • Pawan Dhiman

    Hello Friends, I am also doing Kundalini yoga and my 1st chakra has been invoking. I read this post about the kundalini syndrome actually we can control the kundalini power with our mind because mind is most powerful rather than kundalini shakti.  You just have to make a though that you can control the whole power. do the daily yoga and think about how you can help others… these kind of practice will help you to get out from this syndrome..

  • Yuvraj

    Hi friends I need help as I don’t have any guru.
    I have glimpse of Kundalini awakening whenever I am in meditation and some time even while sitting in peace. I feel something rising to my head from bottom chakra but is very mild.  Nothing intense but I can feel intense rise of heart beat.  Pl advice if there will be any intense flow through chakras in coming time.  I am very confused because I feel I had feeling of Kundalini awakening slowly over the period period of few months intially it was just glimpse once a week. 
    But now I am very scared because
    I might get physical pain if prana flows in high intensity through spinal cord? Pl help
    I want to have normal sex after full awakening of Kundalini what is the way? Pl help

  • Sathya Maharajh

    I’ve had severe depression, extreme physical pain, and extreme anxiety for 11 years now. I have fainted a few times due to the shock of the pain. The only thing that has really helped me is chanting mantras, esp. Maha Mrityunjayaya and Rudram. But still, these only give about 30% relief at best. One has to surrender to the Universal flow, which is really hard with all the pain.

    • dr v bharadwaj


      • dr v bharadwaj

        dear brother,
        1.surrender to the real saints or rishis. like sai baba or swami ramalingan and pray to show the way or to control ur energy.

        2.do moola mantra and ur ishta deveta 108 times.

        3.usually it feels like a some string from ur lower spine to ur head sometimes with pressure sensation or as vibrations. Eat Vata pacifying food and consult some ayurvedic doctor.

        4.avoid tea coffe and other stimulants.

  • Jonathan Geisert

    You have got to be kidding me.  The advice here for dealing with Kundalini Syndrome is like if you were clubbed in the head, and the doctor told you to take an aspirin.  Kundalini Syndrome is not a joke that can be wished away with these kinds of pathetic measures. 
    You need 2000mg of Tryptophan, and 500mcg of Vitamin B-12.  These are the two nutrients required to produce endogenous DMT, which will allow Kundalini to blow off steam and subside.  This is the only thing I’ve found so far that works.  DMT is synthesized from tryptophan.  The tryptophan is decarboxylated by an enzyme to make tryptamine.  Then the tryptamine is methylated by another enzyme which takes the methyl group from a molecule of SAM-e, making the tryptamine into NMT.  The same enzyme does this again to the NMT to make DMT.  The molecules which SAM-e is broken down into (from having their methyl groups taken) can be recycled back into SAM-e, but this process consumes a molecule of B-12.  The enzymes are not consumed by the reactions, hence, it takes one molecule of Tryptophan and two molecules of B-12 to make one molecule of DMT.
    Kundalini rises, and seeks to “pierce the bindu,” causing the pineal gland to release a flood of DMT.  That is what it seeks, but if the nutrients are not available (which they wouldn’t be, since this is not a “normal” thing that can be accounted for with a normal diet), then the Kundalini persists in a frustrated state.  Kundalini cannot be denied.
    Also, avoiding caffeine would be wise.

    • Lulushakti

      It sounds like you had a horrendous experience.  Where did you get that advice from?

    • Elaine montero

      Thank you! The most clever respont to this problem in two years of searching..  About the tryptophan.. is their a limitation on how long to use it to avoid Internal damages or sideeffects??

    • Sameera

      I have been suffering from kundalini symptems for 30 years .I get electrified at night and can’t go back to sleep until dawn . My brain can’t take this energy any more . I need advice 😁

      • Tracy

        I feel your pain the same phenomenon happens to me.  But it’s only been about six years for me. It seems such a peculiar thing.  I don’t want to get in the way of the kundalini energy but I also don’t know how to help it

    • BEN

      Hi I am wondering if you can help me. I have taken DMT and the first thing that happened is all I could see were snakes rising up continually one over another I was not in fear, I then could see a rising up through my body and what I somehow knew were chakras, I didn’t know what it meant. I just learned about kundallini today. Should I be worried as it was induced by dmt and not meditation

    • Peshawa

      Hello jonathan,

      I am really in need for a solution, have you tried this yourself or some one you know with an active kundalini?

  • Mahendra Prakash Bakoliya

    Kundalini yoga not required to live a good life. Not slept from 30 days head pressure cant read even news paper. Over sensitive for light and sound. No desire to live life.what more can do this yoga avoid it

    • Sathya Maharajh

      I agree, Kundalini is dangerous if it awakens prematurely.

    • TJ

      Kundalini awakening in my experience has been hard, because of what it forces …it forces one to look at oneself, and all that one has done in their whole life.. or lives.. and fix anything that can be fixed and let go of anything that can’t be. Forgiveness of self is very important facing truth is important too and can be very difficult (big huge suggestion especially to those raised in the western world, as I was: work through your life’s issues and resolve your life’s problems then do the Kundalini if you still wish to)… I found myself angry with my country to be honest… because this information about soul growth is not given to us here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sannyasa I mean sure it’s online but i didn’t come across it until almost 37 years into my incarnation in this life because you have to know what to look for and they don’t teach you that over here not in this way … and because we are not taught how the soul grows here ..and what the soul is searching for during their growth we are very mislead down very dark paths in life that, if you can’t face or forgive yourself for, will and can create these Kundalini syndromes … I myself am having a hard time fixing a part of my life that affects other people whom I love very much within my life who are all a very intricate part of my life and because I am stuck, on what to do or where to go or what decisions to make, I am thrown through bouts of depression and hot and cold flashes (these are caused by the blockages in the chakras afflicted by the remorse and guilt and fear and mourning I am going through)… thankfully I was able to figure out how the processing of old energies works (sort of, or at least I think I understand at least a little bit of it enough to get through what I have) during the awakening I was so torn in my life’s decisions that it literally split my mind up … it looked very much like a split personality because in a sense, it was, during a period of the process anyway, and each time I processed through something that blocked me, my body would pass something weather it was gas or vomit or my bowels ..and eating is very important (lots of fruit, veggies & stews no meat) and drinking a lot of water .. I had to process through my past to bring my mind back together starting very young (this was after I accepted all my past lives into myself and forgave them all that they’ve done and thanked them for going through things so that I didn’t have to endure them or learn from them in this incarnation at this time)… this awakening process takes months or years depending on the person and life of the person and what they are stuck on … the first thing you are told is that there is no wrong and no right only experience … this is done so that you keep it in mind, that you are accepted as you are that all is just an experience and the bad ones are just as needed as the good .. and it is important to forgive yourself here … and then they show you everything in your life that has affected you and those around you … (I cried a lot.. and still do for things i haven’t processed through yet) You will feel bad you will go through depression (especially if you’re old enough to have affected people with your choices) and you will pick yourself up, put yourself back together and then you get to go upwards and talk to higher selves and family and source itself and those who can tap into it 🙂 .. but they are not very nice when they are teaching hardships and telling you how to fix your life.. but still very loving at the same time like a parent scolding you with absolute love… which then of course makes you feel like everything they just said you weren’t judged for .. you are…mostly by yourself.. but the scolding is not very nice … and i honestly don’t think that it can be, or it might not have the affect that it needs to to kick your own butt in gear to get on the ball. The ball we were supposed to be guided on by our loved ones each time we come in ..guidance given to us by our parents and our ancestors and ourselves… this is the guidance that has been taken from us… this is the true secret because if you can raise your children to know themselves on this level (before they walk down the wrong roads in life) no man will be able to prostrate themselves over them … this prospect is dangerous to those who use our ignorance as a means to gain power over the finances (they created) to keep the basic necessities in life away from us so that we are constantly stuck at root chakra – fear of not being able to obtain life sustenance … which is why i was so angry … at the same time I love them all and judge none of them for they are all me (all souls learning they way they learn through a human experience) .. or I am all them because we are all one … so ..ya not an easy path .. but necessary for those of us who have braved the step to take ..because the more of us that can tap into the other side of the veil the stronger we get against the forces keeping us down .. and we’re winning .. because we’ve already won.. only here do we see linear time there they already know we won … a lot of them are after our time 🙂 I wish you all the very best of luck my family I love you all don’t loose heart the only one who truly judges you is you be easy on yourself we’re all in the same boat we all have shortcomings we all hurt to learn not to

  • Mikael

    I have kundalini syndrome and have tryed different ways to control it and have found that listening to FM radio works wery god.

    • jason

      can you tell me more??

  • R.Viswakumar

    Im indebted to you for enlightening about kundalini syndrome which I couldnt decipher myself what it is.I look forward many more such guidelines to assertain myself with experiences Im confronted with…thankyou
    With regards

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